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Lately I have been keeping a secret from all of you since I wasn’t sure when the package was going to come to my current location.  Thankfully today I received the package so I wanted to introduce a new “project” of mine which is testing out a new product line that I’m sure many of you will be interested in trying out yourself.  As a note to all of my loyal readers, I am not selling out and switching to a full-time advertise blog site.  Thankfully Energems was kind enough to send out a lovely package of their three new flavors of caffeine spiked chocolates to test while I hit the roads in running shoes.  Today was our first day testing out the new product so I’ll leave you hanging for a bit longer as we test them out a bit longer before giving a full review.  I intend on testing them out on each run, in different conditions, to give you the full review.  Read below how our first day went.  As for the rest of the day, we had a nice relaxing day inside working and getting some paperwork done.  Why is it when you go on vacation you have more work that normal?

Can you tell it’s spring again? Yep, my traditional spring breakfast main course. Fruit Bowl for breakfast: banana, raspberries, melon and strawberries.

Here’s the entire breakfast meal for me. Note: When you eat an all fruit breakfast, you should consume a protein (such as a high protein flour-less bread). Flour-less bread is made from sprouted seeds and other grains that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Eating protein with a higher sugar count in fruit helps your insulin balance itself out and you will find your sugar level doesn’t spike.

Genki Pup sitting in as my manager today as I worked on the computer.

The package I received in the mail with 3 different flavors and a few boxes each. Such a nice package so I can test out the product for all of you to see the results.  I was hoping there would be one flavor that was dark chocolate since I don’t drink milk but at last they had none.  At least there is very little in the label since it’s not one of the first ingredients.

Isn’t this marketing company sweet? I love hand written letters – it just means so much more for a person to pick up a pen. Thanks guys, you made me feel so special. 🙂

The 3 flavors right now.

Vegan Lunch Leftovers: Kale Fried Rice.

Genki Kitty (me)out in 93F/34C testing Energems while out on a run. Since milk doesn’t go well with me, I ate 1 chocolate piece. Genki Husband took the suggested 3 since he can handle milk in small doses. (Note: I am not a girlie girl when I run outside, it’s all about the fitness not the appearance.)

Testing out the Mint Energems for a normal daily run. We ate these before our 4 mile run tonight (normal length run for us) and we found it really did give us more energy.  We found actually PR’d today and also felt great doing it.  It was very hot today but it didn’t really bother us that much.  We found it took about 1 mile in the run before we felt any extra energy but we both thought we had an extra boost the entire time.  No side effects noted on this first trial either on the run or after.  We definitely will be trying again.

Energems Mint- This is 1 piece and the recommended amount of these per serving is 3. Each piece looks like an M&M but is about double the size. Inside the piece looks like an M&M with sparkles.  They taste like M&M’s actually with a slight aftertaste of metal (not overpowering).  These were actually tasty and we would probably eat them as a snack if they didn’t have milk and extra caffeine.  So far so good!

Vegan BBQ in the spring: zucchini, corn on the cob, & vegan Gardein burgers.

Kale Salad made from raw kale, 1 tsp cumin, 1 orange zest and juice and some raisins. Straight from the BBQ zucchini, Gardein Vegan Burger, and a few leftover orange slices.

Michigan on a calm, pre-storm evening. The lake was absolutely still.