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Whew!  This week has a been a bit off hasn’t it!  Mother Nature has been a bit off lately and today we ended up hitting record highs in the lower 90’s F/30’s C.  It was my perfect type of day full of sunshine and warmth.  It started off with a bit of clouds but then rose to a beautiful day worthy of shorts and a t-shirt – hooray!  The lake water is still very chilly so we weren’t going to jump into the lake but we did manage to get a nice lunch break right next to the water.  That’s one of the benefits of staying right on the lake.  It was a bit sad though since today we were instructed to take my mother-in-law to the doctors for a future treatment right in the middle of the gorgeous day.  We tried to make the best of it though by eating outside, sunbathing for a bit and then taking a nice hot 93F/34C run right in the direct sunshine.  Hot runs thrill me!  We actually weren’t aware of the exact temperature when we left but we were excited to see our run was on pace, even for a cooler day.  Note:  If you are not used to the heat while running, make sure to take lots of water and put your pace at a lower setting to ensure safety.  Then after we took our showers from our hot run, we went ahead and drove to the doctors which took about 4 hours.  At least it was a gorgeous day when we were allowed to be out in it and to look at it through the windows.  Hopefully all of you had such a cheerfully sunny day too.

Fruit salad bowl again – it’s just that good. Raspberry, pineapple, orange and strawberries. I cut it all fresh each morning to assure the freshest ingredients as possible. Then we get to eat the rest of the fruit throughout the day. Mmmm

Part 2: Ezekiel Bread smeared with 1/4th of an avocado. I eat this along with a bowl of fruit in the springtime

Genki Pup sitting outside in the sunshine and loving every minute of it. Even though it was about 90F/32C she loved it!

Because one photo just isn’t enough… This is her, I see you have food look as we sat for our picnic lunch. Genki Cat can’t come out on super sunny days because she burns up as her black hair collects the heat rays too fast. Genki Pup can sit out on super hot days for hours but we only allow her about ten minutes on a super hot day. Note: Furry babies can burn just as easily as humans- especially their noses.

Pineapple from breakfast which was cooled and perfect for our warm bodies. Mixed organic greens with leftover Tofu Seviche on top. So delicious on a hot day!  I’d have to say the seviche was better only after 30 minutes of marinating in the fridge instead of overnight.  If I were to make this again, I would probably make smaller diced fruit and veggies and marinate right before I ate.

Our view for about 4 hours today… It really was not that busy but for some reason we had to sit for such a long time waiting for my mother-in-law after she filled out her paperwork (which was a challenge within itself – she’s not much for giving out information).

The temperature as we were driving home on 5/8/14 in Michigan at 6P.M. Love this weather!

Dinner tonight out on the screened porch listening to the birds chirp. Crispy Kale and Mushroom Fried Rice with seasoned zucchini slices. I didn’t follow the direction exactly, I skipped the hoisin sauce and used ginger paste which was doubled.

Since all you foodies want to see closeup photos – here you are! It was an easy dinner to put together whose flavors meshed together so well we were both left wanting more – thank goodness there are leftovers. Mmmmm High recommended.

For a while last night after dinner we sat outside listening to the birds, watching the waves in the lake and just enjoying a nice chat together.  I still had a bit of a headache so I took my leave and read a bit before watching an episode with Genki Husband on the computer of Newhart Show.

What’s your favorite but oldie television show to watch right now?