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Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to learn these moves so all of us could experience ethnic dances as if we were in the original country.

Last weekend in Holland we had the chance to see traditional dancing throughout the streets by dedicated volunteers of the city.  This was actually my first experience with ethnic dancing from Holland so it was quite impressive.  While most people can not imagine kicking his/her feet above ones’ head, these talented volunteers do so while also wearing non-laced wooden shoes.  Truly amazing!  It was a thrilling sight to see the dancers while also watching the audience dunk ones’ heads as the choreographed dance required the dancers to kick on cue.  Genki Husband flinched each time, it was priceless.  For the trip I took along my DSLR and recorded one of the three dances so all of you could go along for the entertainment.  My video recording skills may not be as talented as those with an education but at least you can enjoy the experience.

Next up we ventured to the traditional wooden shoe making factory that is about 4 miles from main Tulip Festival event.  The factory is a small operation inside a gift shoppe that sells wooden shoes to order.  You can have anything put on them such as your name or a decoration, depending on how much you want to pay.  There was a bunch of us that tested out the wooden shoes and all of us had the same surprise of how comfortable they were to wear.  If we didn’t have to fit them in the car, I would have purchased a pair, so comfy!  Even though my family comes from Germany, I have to admit I might have some Dutch genes somewhere in the mix because I fell in love with the shoes. 

If you would like to experience Holland too, I would highly recommend the Veldheer’s Farm and Wooden Shoe Factory.  All ages will appreciate the beauty and the tranquility of the trip.  The same location has a small tulip farm to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the colors, experience living bison, shop at the wholesale tulip store, and visit the gift shop with wooden shoe factory.  There is also a Dutch village in the area for children that looked like a great adventure if you have smaller children.  Please see my Vegan in Holland article for more information.