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Sunrise this morning over the lake as I setup the breakfast table, made coffee for everyone and started on preparing breakfast.

Yep, it’s finally come – spring!  It’s felt like spring a few times already but it’s not officially spring until you begin to do yard work and mow the lawn.  Anyone with me on this one?  It was a gorgeous cool but sunny spring day today and of course that meant we were outside enjoying it.  Seeing as the sun was shining and we could feel our toes (I’m protesting against shoes – only flip flops for me!), it was time to remove the snow thrower and get out the lawn mower for my in-laws.  Lawns are very important to lake people here in Michigan since it beholds a sort of status symbol for all the neighbors.  Not to say we put chemicals down but most people try to keep the lawn free from weeds and debris as much as possible.  Hence, Genki Husband removed the leftover fuel from the snow thrower and fueled up the lawn mower while I got to digging up all the dandelions and other weeds.  We worked for 1/2 a day until my hand grew a large blister that finally popped leaving me in pain and fleeing to be inside.  Gross, I know!  At least it got me out of dish-washing duty for the night. ha-ha  So on to the day in photos:

Mango, raspberries and strawberries. Not seen= coffee and 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with earth balance butter.

Yama Moto Yama – Green Tea from Japan. Such a nice blend of natural green tea leaves that really reminds me of my life in Japan. This is the tea I refer to when I need a little boost. Today I woke up and was having some throat issues thanks to my sinuses. It always makes me feel better. Highly suggested.

Vegan Lunch: Homemade Whole-wheat bagel with 1/2 medium tomato and 1/2 an avocado. I made a sandwich out of this and it was so delicious! (Normally we use vegemite on this too but we finished our last jar a month ago. oh no! ha-ha)

Strange but oddly delicious. This reminds me of when I was young and we ate frosting with graham crackers. I dipped these crackers into the homemade frosting. Mmm

We aren’t soda drinkers however we do enjoy a frozen coke on hot days. Today we were working outside and had to run into town for more fuel for the lawn mower so figured, why not. Frozen coke with a frozen “cherry” on top. We also had a mixture of Trader Joe’s Raw Mixed Nuts with a few vegan chocolate chips.  Unfortunately the Styrofoam cup broke and spilled out of my hands so we ended up not drinking most of it. 😦  It was a sign.

Such a gorgeous day out, we didn’t want to go inside for the evening after working hard on the yard. There’s something about manual labor outside that makes a person feel accomplished for the day doesn’t it? We only finished 1/2 the yard but will complete the rest tomorrow.

Me after a hard days work outside weeding the yard… Still working on these selfie photos – I think I need to take a selfie photography class. ha-ha

Chopsticks! My favorite eating utensil. It’s funny, we needed chopsticks for ramen and my mother-in-law brought these out.  It was our favorite Japanese restaurant when we lived just outside Chicago, Illinois.

Vegan Ramen from a package. We use the noodles and use Better Than Bouillon Chickenless Broth and add onion slices and tons of wakame. Note: Wakame is the ‘vegetable of the sea’ and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Genki Pup enjoying the sunshine while being bored all at the same time. We found her waiting for us after dinner on the sofa.

When one chair just isn’t enough while sitting on the screened in porch. After dinner on nice nights we go out on the porch to chat and drink wine. She was waiting for us.

Trader Joe’s Kettle Corn- better than the rest. This is the ultimate snack for savory and sweet lovers! Genki Husband and I both love sharing this since we have different tastebuds and this fits both our likings. Highly Suggested!

Sunset tonight as we were sitting chatting and eating kettle corn all together around the table. Popcorn is such a wonderful low-calorie snack that everyone can enjoy together. Pop some tonight and share the snack while chatting – you will see the magic happen before your eyes.

Did you get the blood flowing today?  What did you do for fun as a workout?