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Happy Children’s Day!  Children’s Day (子供の日)in Japan is an annual celebration of the health and happiness for children of all ages and genders.  Some of you might have seen this celebration through the pictures of two different holidays the first being on May 3rd, known as Girls’ Day, and the second on May 5th, known as Boy’s Day.  Girls’ day celebrations are usually proclaimed with elaborate family Hina (ひな) doll sets in the form of a festival called “Hinamatsuri (ひな祭り)”.  Likewise on Boy’s Day the family sets out “Koinobori 鯉のぼり” which are carp kites on a stick.  Both of these two celebrations coincide around Children’s Day making it a full few days to celebrate the birth and life of the next generations.  If I remember correctly Japanese officials changed May 5th to Children’s Day instead of Boy’s Day however Japanese people just stuck with the traditional routine instead.  Today, Children’s day has such a special meaning, which I just adore, since I can only wish for the health and happiness for our next generations.  Genki Husband and I do not have children just yet but we do plan on celebrating all of these holidays in the future when we do.  If you have children, there are websites that have Japanese Children’s day printouts and games so you can celebrate in your own country (English available too). For example, here or hereThis is a nice day to do a little arts and crafts and then go play outside in the sunshine with your children creating this special day for all your children at once.

Girl’s Day Festival Dolls

Boy’s Day (ahem Children’s Day) Home Display.

Carp Kite’s or streamers to celebrate Children’s Day. This is a family set with the top as the father, the red as the mother and there are three boys (or sometimes girls) in the household.

Oatmeal with 1 tsp sugar and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Green Detox Smoothie (unsweetened almond milk, kale, an apple, 1/2 banana and 2 tsp cinnamon). One slice of Ezekiel Bread with Earth Balance butter.

Boca vegan hamburger, homemade pickles, 1/2 apple, homemade cauliflower and chez with lots of peas. We eat a large lunch and a smaller dinner.

Vegan Korean Seaweed Soup for a starter course for dinner. Tonight was a simple version of wakame, onion slices, radishes and vegan broth.

Vegan Dinner for Cinco de Mayo. Japanese sticky rice topped with a slightly spicy mixture which you can read about on the link. Hot sauce for me on the side.

Tonight’s sunset that we were enjoying while just chatting together. It started like this with orange and yellows…

Genki Cat enjoying the evening sunshine coming in the window while laying on the back of my in-laws sofa.

Genki Pup sitting on Genki Husband’s lap while sunbathing in the evening sunshine after dinner. The photo is a little blurry since every time she sees the camera she gets overly excited for some reason so she’s moving.

And because you can’t just have one sunset photo you have to have two at different times to see the color variations.

Exercise for the Day:  2.25 mile run outside with hills.  After we did some yoga to loosen up our muscles and mind.  Finished off with a 1 minute plank.  Plus we had a long pup walk in the morning hours with Genki Pup.

How was your Monday?  Did you celebrate Cinco De Mayo or Children’s Day?