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Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing, Tulip Festival!!!  So, Genki Husband and I took my mother and their Colombian exchange student to Holland for the festivities.  We have never been but we have heard lots of people enjoy their time while there and the tulip photos are absolutely irresistible.  Holland is located in Michigan right next to Lake Michigan in the Lower Peninsula.  It is now the home of many Dutch Americans whose ancestors were Dutch Calvinist separatists that fled the Netherlands for religious freedom and to escape economic distress, thus the namesake and the multitudes of tulips.  This trip was the first for us so it was an adventure for sure.  See our adventure in photos:

Aussie Breakfast again this morning since it’s fast. Wheetabix with Unsweetened almond milk and a bit of Florida Crystals (Vegan Sugar). We also grabbed donuts for everyone in my family and took to my parents house. Genki Husband and I ate one donut each (since Wheetabix isn’t enough calories for an entire breakfast).

Gobles, Michigan water tower… interesting seeing eyes starring at you from above. Cute though. 🙂 We love when cities paint the water towers, it gives them character and something to sneak a peak at in the sky while driving.

Holland, Michigan Tulip theme all around – guess that’s why they call it the Tulip City.  This was the side of a gasoline station.

The streets are lined with tulips – it is amazing to see for the first time. It all smells like a flower garden.

Another view of flowers alongside the streets. There are so many it is a site to see.

Who knew there were 75 different varieties of tulips? Some day it would be nice to have all 75 in our backyard.

Arts and Crafts Fair in Centennial Park

American carnival food. I can honestly say this does not appeal to me, I wish they would serve something healthy without sugar.

These were the only tulips we found in the arts and crafts section – besides a few wooden tulips.

Traditional Dutch Dancing was performed throughout the day. It looks like a lot of fun. Genki Husband was worried that the wooden shoes would fly off – only 1 did though at the crowd.

Vegan Pizza available at Crust 54 in Holland, Michigan. This is a “make your own” pizza with 3 toppings (sorry you have to pay full price and only get 2 toppings when vegan). 3 toppings: teese chez, mushrooms and spinach. We ordered extra sauce on the side since it was very dry. They use fresh olive oil which is really nice.  This is the 10″ and Genki Husband and I ate the entire thing since it was thin crust.  We liked the option but we aren’t sure we would recommend it as much for the taste – a bit bland so I put a lot of those red pepper flakes on it for taste. 🙂  (That’s me, hehe)

Dutch Village Amusement Park

More Flowers but these are not native to Michigan.

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm & Wooden Shoe Factory

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm & Wooden Shoe Factory- Dutch gift shoppe

Dutch gift shoppe you can purchase machine made wooden shoes that can be hand-painted for your specific name.

Custom Painted shoes so your name will be on your wooden shoes so there is no confusion.

Genki Kitty (me) trying on wooden shoes for the first time. These were too big and the size below was just right but I think you are supposed to wear wool socks with them. They are rather comfy – I would totally wear them.

I loved these blue and white ones- they would be my choice if we didn’t have to fit them in the car when we move. ha-ha

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm & Wooden Shoe Factory- You can watch a wonderfully talented gentleman make wooden shoes from three machines in this small shop. It was very entertaining and a highlight of our trip to Holland (minus the tulips). I would highly suggest going to this farm. Best yet this factory is free!

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm – Dutch house with the most gorgeous tulips I have ever seen or smelled. Mmmm I would love to live right in this house.

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm – Dutch house with the most gorgeous tulips that look like roses but smell like tulips.

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm – Purchase all your bulbs and seeds in this store. The prices were so inexpensive, I would have loved to buy my whole garden at this location.

Veldheer’s Tulip Farm – There are so many choices of flowers at very reasonable prices.  Another great part of the store are the photos and information posted right on the bulb.  Everything is clearly expressed for newbies, such as myself, that have no idea which flower is which…  Great for beginners and experts alike.

Lake Michigan at the Holland State Park, 4 miles west of Holland. It is in this area that Lake Macatawa connects to Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan at Holland State Park. The truck is moving around sand since it was such a harsh winter that the sand was not perfect for the summer season.

Lake Michigan in the Holland State Park, Michigan. We lucked out since the weather was warm and sunny.

Frankie’s Restaurant in a tiny town called Three Rivers, Michigan. The restaurant was on Restaurant Impossible. In our eyes the place has gone downhill since the show.  These are famous beer battered fried mushrooms and fried onions. Yeah, these are not my thing anymore but so many people love them.  See the video link below.

Frankie’s Restaurant. This was the only item on the entire menu for a vegetarian or vegan besides 1 pizza. We ordered two of these salads with dressing on the side. Instead we got our spinach with cranberry and candied pecans salad drenched with dressing and even more on the side. The spinach was not fresh and was made ahead of time with the dressing so it was 1/2 soggy. We sent both salads back and then ordered regular side salads. The server brought out 3 salads about an hour later after all the other people in our party had received and eaten their carnivore meals and we had inquired of there whereabouts. Instead of 2 we were then charged us for all the salads, even the one we didn’t order. Sounds like Restaurant Impossible needs to come back.

Finally our Side Salad – it was fresh at least and no dressing. Restaurant Impossible (please listen up) we want vegan friendly options too. 🙂  We ended up eating peanut butter pretzels while waiting for this salad and then left hungry.  Instead we ate sandwiches at home afterwards.

Have you ever been to a Restaurant Impossible Made Over Restaurant?  Experience?