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Holland was so much fun yesterday and it was nice to get together with my mother finally after being here for a couple weeks.  At last, we needed a little time at home to settle with some things that haven’t gotten completed while we were gone.  So we took advantage of the day and got some much needed things accomplished.  For instance, we repacked our suitcases with unnecessary items from the coldest days here, laundry, cleaning of the house and paperwork.  Thankfully we were able to complete a lot of things and feel accomplished for a Sunday full of mundane things.  Guess we all have to have days like this even while on vacation.  So on to the day through photos:

We started off the day with a normal vegan meal for us. Wheetabix with Florida Crystals (vegan sugar) and unsweetened almond milk, coffee and 1/2 a homemade bagel with earth balance butter.

Vegan Lunch: Wegman’s Chickenless nuggets, mixed organic greens with cucumber and tomato and a side of orange slices and apple slices with pb. Minus the salad, I shared with Genki Husband.

We took a few small walks today but nothing that special since we were inside doing a million things. It was warm’ish but the Canadian winds were freezing!

Genki Pup while on our walk today. She looks up at us all the time to assure we are still all together. (This was at the end in front of the house -normally she has a lease on to follow the law.)

Things are definitely more green! This is a bush that didn’t even have leaves a few days ago. Hooray!

Vegan Dinner made by Genki Husband. (I got to take a Lush bath while he cooked – so nice!) Vegan Cauliflower and Chez and peas with a side dish of Boca Spicy Chickenless patties (shared).

At night we watched the Newhart Show which is a nice oldie but goodie. I just love Larry, Darrel and Darrel – they are my favorite out of all the cast members.

Sorry for the boring day in photos…  If you haven’t checked out our trip to Holland posted yesterday, please see the posting here.  That’s our weekend in a nutshell – or photos that is.  Hopefully I didn’t bore all of you too much.

How was your weekend?