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Sorry for the late posting of Friday’s daily post, things have been a bit busy with travel and family fun time.  Although it was a bit cooler than normal on Friday Genki Husband and I took to the grounds at my in-law’s neighbors’ house and conducted some hard labor.  She is a family friend and is getting a bit older in years so she asked if we wouldn’t mind doing her a favor and getting her garden ready for planting and also re-edging her front plant beds.  It was a good amount of hard labor but really loved doing the work.  There’s nothing like getting out the shovels, doing a hard upper body workout and helping an older friend out.  It’s good for the body and soul.  So after we worked inside the entire morning and the afternoon outside at the neighbors, we were thrilled to have a telephone call to go out for some drinks in a local small town.  In ten minutes we were out the door and headed to meet up at a ‘white collar’ type of bar and tested just about every local brew there was in the entire place.  (plus some of the international ones too)  Personally I was the designated driver so I didn’t have more than a sip of a local brew within two hours time but it was a really casual but pleasant night out.  We then headed off to a small local BBQ restaurant (upon request of others) and picked at some french fries and BBQ beans which were supposed to be vegan.  The food was not the best but the company was wonderful – it’s been so long since we have had the time to get together with these friends since normally we are rushing when coming for the holiday seasons.  So without too much information, here is my day in photos:

This morning I got up early to put together this recipe for Fig and Pecan Whole Wheat Waffles. As the core recipe, I used the PPK walnut and fig waffles recipe and substituted pecans instead. It was a hit with my mother-in-law and Darling Husband (Father-in-law wouldn’t eat them). I’d definitely suggest it to anyone that likes waffles.

Not sure if I have ever mentioned this but I do not like pancakes or waffles so I tend to make myself something else when the opportunity arises. So I had: Ezekiel toast with Earth Balance Butter, Strawberries, Blackberries & Silk Black Cherry yogurt.

Vegan Snack Time: Peanut Butter, chocolate chips and bananas. Mmmm Simple but tasty! The large banana was Genki Husband’s and the smaller mine. They were so adorable!

Snack Time: The final recreation! It’s everything sweet, salty, savory, and umami. mmmmmmmmmm

Beers of the world… of sorts. Went out and these were some of the options from the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Everyone was a bit hungry after staying at the bar for a few hours chatting so we took our entire group to a BBQ restaurant across the street. These are the only two things that were actually vegan on the entire menu. Not that satisfying. Genki Husband and I shared these two small dishes.

We were happy to go along with the others to the BBQ pit but it was nice to get back to eat something that was animal free. This is the only thing we found at the house so late at night. Peanut butter and jam on Ezekiel bread. Sides were fresh pineapple and blackberries.

Not much of an exciting day in photos but it was a really great time.  Wish you were all able to come along for the day of working the ‘blue collar’ life in the day going into the ‘white collar’ at night.  Hopefully all of you had a nice time too.