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So I’m confused…  The old phrase ‘April Showers Bring May Flowers’ really does has a nice sing-song rhyme to it but is it really accurate?  Today was May 1st and yes we do have spring flowers but unfortunately Mother Nature hasn’t kicked back the spring showers just yet.  It was another gloomy, dark day of sitting inside working, cooking and getting slightly irritated with each other after being cooped up again.  Genki Husband and I really are sunshine type of people.  We’re hoping for sunshine this weekend; come on Mother Nature we’re counting on you.  This weekend we have planned another day trip of adventure but for now, here’s our day of inside boredom through photos.

Homemade toasted bread, Silk non-dairy yogurt blueberry, a green detox smoothie and some fresh fruit.

Made this non-vegan breakfast this morning for my in-laws. Father-in-law won’t eat vegan so I had to make something completely different for him. This was my mother-in-law’s recipe she found- a Egg Puff that bakes for about 40 minutes.

Vegan Lunch Leftovers: Guacamole Quinoa with Mango Salad. Not as good today so I added hot sauce.

Vegan Hot Cocoa is magical… mmmm I had this along with some freshly cut pineapple for a snack.

Tulip Nails. (I’m thinking of putting shimmer over the tulips and another coat on the OPI ‘I love you cherry much”)

Another reason you should pick up your leaves in the Autumn. This poor daffodil wasn’t able to bloom until the leaf was removed – I saved it today while on our walk.

Gorgeous White Hyacinth that sprung up this last week.

Not sure what these are called but they are cute little purple spring flowers in Michigan.

This was actually what I wished it looked like today but it is actually a photo from yesterday that I forgot to post but decided to not bore you with dark skies I’d post this instead.

Found this nest inside a newspaper box. Wonder if it is was a human or bird that did this?

Mystery item found in Michigan store. This is olive oil spray that is for a person’s hair – kinda reminds of the cooking variety. hmmmm It was actually more expensive than the regular cooking variety too. ha-ha what will marketers think of next?

Vegan Soup tonight for dinner: Roasted Garlic Parsnip Soup. Side dish of homemade bread. Recipe coming soon.

Guess who gets a bit spoiled in Michigan? We don’t feed her human scraps or at the table but she thinks she will get something from her grandparents.

Hmmm We found the three of them in the kitchen – they were as quiet as possible. So scary!

Hmmm Guess who wants some of our popcorn? We finally got the television tonight since my father-in-law was tired. he-he Big Bang Theory and popcorn – yes pls!

How was your day?  Comment in the comment section or feel free to message me through my ‘contact me’ page. I love to read messages!