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Genki Husband and I are having the best time running around our hometown in Michigan, well out in the country.  Since leaving our small hometown for college years ago, we have not stayed for any long extended time so when this opportunity came about we were thrilled to take it.  There’s something about running on the city streets while window shopping and being greeted by passersby.  On the other hand there is something meditative of running on the country roads while dodging snow created craters in the roadways, listening to the birds chirp and being greeted by friendly horses and cows along the path.  Both of these two worlds make for a fun adventure each and every day.  For now we are enjoying the simple life of country living while anticipating our future move to the city once again.  What do you prefer?  City or country running?

Today Mother Earth was pushing us around like ragdolls in the wind.  It was a gorgeous 73F/23C with full sunshine and a few black clouds – strange indeed!  It was a run today so we knew it was now or never to get outside and take a chance and pray for no strong rains.  What we didn’t expect was Mother Nature playing a joke on us and boosting up the wind machine.  We started out with our first mile with little gusts of wind which was no issue.  Then on our second mile the winds picked up and Mother Nature started to giggle to herself out loud.  It was at this time our route had around 2 miles of corn fields with no shield protection from trees.  So we were running full force at only getting about a 10mi/mile pace.  There was nothing we could do but laugh and try to fight the wind.  My long hair started in a bun and was pulled apart into a ponytail about 1.5 miles which them thrashed around my face and Genki Husband who was next to me.  It was hilarious since at times my hair was completely covering my face and any view of the road.  Then there were times we were pushed so hard we were running with our “wings” farther out than normal just to get more grip with the wind and hardly even making movement.  Windy days are challenging but just as fun sometimes than just perfect weather days.  Sometimes you have to brave the hardships with a smile on your face to get to the opposite positive side.

Morning sunrise is Michigan can be just as pretty as the sunset sometimes.

Breakfast of Australian champions! (Vegan) Weetabix, almonds and a banana. My Australian family got us addicted to Weetabix through care-boxes through the last few years. It is a British breakfast cereal made from wheat but many Australians believe it is from Australia. Who knows… I’m not 100% confident on the exact origin but either way it is delicious! Our current box was produced in Canada. The box had some suggestions on how to eat it every day of the week so we thought it would be fun to try it out. We had Weetabix, a sliced banana each and some almonds sprinkled on top. We also added some Florida Crystals vegan sugar (1/2-1tsp each). Normally I like cereal without milk but this one needs the moisture to expand and be readily ready to digest. Nom nom nom Try it if you haven’t already! 

Anyone tried Oatibix?  It’s similar apparently to Wheetabix but made from whole grains, besides wheat.  I want to try it but can’t find it just yet.

Silk Mango and peach yogurt- vegan! (non-dairy) nom nom nom This is one of my favorite vegan yogurt options on the market. A lot of them are a bit ‘off’ tasting but this is very similar to the dairy version. Unfortunately they have stopped producing the larger containers so we are forced to buy the small personal-sized containers that are pricy. (Hence we don’t eat it often.) It’s worth the special treat but the price is very high for daily consumption on a small budget.

One of my old recipes before going to vegan – It is one of my in-laws favorites so I made it for them this morning. It is called a Dutch Baby. It’s basically eggs, milk and flour. My father-in-law won’t eat my vegan cooking so I just went ahead and made this… It blows up and then shrinks after the oven. It was twice the size just two seconds out of the oven – it’s fun to watch.

My in-laws cat getting into her cabinet with her food. Normally we take it out and set on a mat but today she must have been starving so she was double dipping into the two dry and wet food bowls. Furry babies are hilarious at times.

We took Genki Pup out on a walk again this morning and we delighted in this site. Michigan grass lawn covered in tiny purple flowers from Creeping Charlie weed. It’s an invasive weed but it is pretty in the spring.

A closer look

Picnic lunch time on a sunny day. Fresh strawberries and Macintosh apple to share with Genki Husband. Hummus and a green salad with a spicy chicken-less patty.

Post-Run snack: Ripe Banana and peanut butter! Nom nom nom

Fried Rice dinner – the healthy way. I don’t fry my rice but rather just use a little spray oil or just use water to saute the vegetables. Today I added cumin, curry powder and soy sauce to the mixture as a seasoning. The vegetables were carrot, celery, onion, hijiki, & tons of diced mushrooms.  I love to top my with South Korean Gochujang sauce (sweet & spicy).

Genki Kitty Apple Pie with a flattened streusel topping (accidentally thanks to aluminum foil and waiting for the occupied oven). Very tasty (so says everyone) but I had to use MacIntosh apples which are very juicy and it turned out juicy. 😦 But everyone said it was nice (minus my father-in-law who complained-can’t win everyone over)…  I still don’t like Pies though either way (I can hear nods from you Natalie! LOL).

I’d love to know, what are your favorite spring meals? (vegan or not)