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Lake in Michigan while the sun is just coming over the horizon through the trees.

Happy Tuesday my dear Genki Friends!  Hopefully all of you are doing well and thinking of something fun for fitness activities for the day.  Yesterday Genki Husband and I had another dull Monday morning.  Mondays are normally a bit boring for us so it is normally a casual slide into the week, or is that just because we are on an extended vacation while telecommuting for work).  Either way we basically did nothing but work and get groceries so I’m afraid to say this blog will probably tire you all out too.  So on to the photos:

Today breakfast was a bit larger but still lower-calorie than a full fry-up: Scrambled tofu, zucchini slices, and homemade bread with avocado slices. Of course there was the required coffee alongside.

Simple Vegan Lunch: bean burrito with nutritional yeast, orange & apple slices, and broccoli & peas. (Fruit and veggies were split between 2 people)

Vegan dessert I love! Fresh Strawberries!!! These are from Aldi’s ($1.25/each) and Meijer’s Grocery ($2.50/each) stores. For those of you that are unaware, Meijer’s is a major chain in the Northeastern states, originating in Michigan.  Both were from farms in California.  This was our first trip to Aldi’s grocery store (which is known by many as a discount store in the USA) and we were very impressed.  Other locations may vary but our current location had fresh produce that was about half the price of other stores in the area (including Wal-Mart).  Aldi’s strawberries were much sweeter and fresher than the local grocery stores.  For us, we will continue to go to Aldi’s for some of the fresh fruit since it is cheaper and fresher.

Crispy Oven Potato Wedges – this recipe comes from the cookbook The Complete Guide to Vegan Substitutes. Unfortunately I can’t give you the recipe since it’s copyrighted but you can buy the book or borrow from the library. It’s a fantastic book that has many recipes I use quite often.

This is where I failed tonight, oops!  We took my mother-in-law to the grocery store for her groceries and for ours (we cook entirely different meals since my father-in-law won’t touch ‘vegan’ food) around 4P.M.  We had intended on getting to the store around 1-2P.M. but my mother-in-law watered her flowers until 4P.M so we were running very late.  Some how she takes 2-4 hours grocery shopping so when we returned the clouds had crept in and everything was dark.  There was really no opportunity to take sunset photos I’m so sorry.  With all this chaos I made the above potato wedges and then completely forgot about taking photos of our dinner.  So…

Love this marketing campaign! Peta 2 thank you! They make shirts too which I so want. 🙂

Dinner:  Large organic mixed green salad with 1/2 roma tomato on the side with a mixture of olive oil/balsamic vinegar on top.  (Remember oil with veggies to make the nutrients stay in the body.)  As a protein we had Wegman’s Chickenless tenders about 7 each which is one serving and some fresh strawberries and blackberries on the side.  Berries in the USA are in season – go get ’em!

Snack:  We were so hungry from not eating any snacks today since we were running around that we ate some peanut butter pretzels (Trader Joe’s you are my hero) and some Mento’s.  Mento’s are a questionable as a vegan candy since no one really seems to know the ingredients 100%.  Apparently you can’t eat the red ones since the dye is derived from animal bi-products.

Love this shirt, just found it. What gym bunny wouldn’t want this one?

ha-ha This is me after long distance runs.