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Hello Genki Friends!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had one of those weekends everyone dreams about but actually never get to enjoy.  Yep, a weekend of relaxation at home.  Genki Husband and I got into just about nothing on Saturday after such a busy weekend touring around Southwest Michigan this last week.  Sometimes after a busy week of working and traveling it is best to just stick to home-base and rest the mind/body.  Anyone else with me on this one?  We did get into a lot of pup walks (usually around 2 miles in total) at least twice a day.  Genki Pup is going to really get used to this type of lifestyle and be bored when we return to our normal life after our time off from work in the office.  It’s hard to believe she will be 10 years young this year and can walk more miles in one day than most people do in a week.  So if you haven’t walked at least 4 miles this week in total – think of Genki Pup and get those walking shoes on right now.  (You can come back and read this blog post, we’ll wait for you.)  Other than that, we sat enjoying the gorgeous sunrise and sunsets, running outside in the strong winds but still sunny skies and eating healthy, homemade vegan meals. Nom nom nom  One thing I love about eating healthy, homemade meals is that you do not have to feel guilty about anything you eat, you can have it all in moderation.  It’s so easy to get into the habit of subtracting things in your diet just because you want to lose weight but that isn’t the case.  If you eat homemade, healthy meals you will never think a donut or a bunch of cookies is bad for you again.  Food is energy and your body asks for what it needs so go ahead and listen to it.  So off my soapbox and on to the photos from this weekend.

Grape Nuts and unsweetened almond milk with a side of blueberry donut shared with Genki Husband. That’s what I had for breakfast on Saturday. Nom nom nom

Have I ever mentioned what type of sugar I sometimes add to things? Grape Nuts have no sugar so I add 1-2 tsp of these Florida crystals. It’s vegan and has no carbon footprint.  Learn more about how this company cares about it’s customers and also the environment but sustaining it here.

Southern Grits with steamed Kale for breakfast. It’s a nice, hearty breakfast on Sunday morning. We had this on Easter weekend too, find the recipe here.

Homemade Vegan pho leftovers and fresh fruit with peanut butter.

Unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp vegan sugar, ice and coffee makes the best warm weather drink. I’ve probably had at least one a day since a week ago. I keep forgetting to post a photo though. oops.

I ate a ton of these this weekend too. Michigan is famous for apples. mmm This is a macintosh apple which is commonly grown here in Michigan. The skin is a bit tough but the inside is juicy and sweet.  These are not very big so I normally eat two at a time.

Homemade vegan mac n chez with maybe too many peas and broccoli. Delicious Dinner!

Genki Pup got a lovely warm pup bath too after all those walks this weekend. Roads make her white paws black after along walks. Now she’s all fresh and clean.

After all the coffee I used up some of my energy on doing laundry for ourselves and my in-laws whom are out of town at the moment. There’s nothing like coming back to a clean house with all clean clothes though, right?!? For those of you non-Americans this is a traditional 1980’s style laundry room in the USA. Tiny but does the job. This is my mother-in-law’s laundry setup. Is it weird I love to see these types of photos from other countries?

Then after all that work I ate more Vegan Vietnamese Pho. (actually this was on Sunday for lunch as leftovers.)

We made Vegan Artisan Bread – his and hers. Thought it was funny as I looked down with Genki Husband and our rings were over the loafs we made. haha

Homemade vegan artisan bread. Nom nom nom

Post Run Smoothie of 4 miles – banana, vega vanilla protein powder, mango and ice.  I’m not a fan of the protein powder after a run but I would totally drink it in this for 1/2 of my breakfast .  Genki Husband had protein powder in his and I had mine without this time.  I add a little unsweetened almond milk for protein in mine.  This was definitely necessary after the strong winds while running – there were times we couldn’t talk because it was sooo strong!  Our hair was bend sideways which always makes for a fun adventure while running.

Vegan Dinner of Leftovers and homemade artisan bread. Mac n Chez, broccoli, peas and some chez grits. Genki Husband and I ate almost all of this together for dinner after our run tonight. (Not all the bread though.)

We ate tons of these homemade Vegan Turtle Cookies – so amazing! These are really good if you freeze them and eat straight from the freezer. They get better this way for some reason. Teavana Blueberry Tea.

Found this while out shopping in novelty shops. Kawaii fox statue with a ladybug on it’s nose.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!  Tell me about it in the comment section.