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So that’s why… hehe

Yep you really can walk in Celery Flats in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Ever heard of this city?  It’s famous for the old song, “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo” by Glenn Miller was it?  You have probably heard of this song but the name doesn’t ring a bell.  Watch the video below for the original song.  It’s catchy though, you might be singing it the whole day.  Kalamazoo, Michigan is also the home to Western Michigan University.  It’s not a large city but it does have a lot of heart.  Genki Husband, Genki Pup and I all went on a walk in a place called Celery Flats today when out on a daily adventure.  It’s actually in a part of Kzoo called Portage, which is basically the same thing and locals can’t tell the difference between the two.

Celery Flats is located inside the Portage Creek Bicentennial Park which runs 8 miles in total.  We just did maybe 3 miles since Genki Pup gets a bit tired after 3-5 miles (she’s 10 yrs old) but in perfect health.  It was gorgeous listening to the birds chirp, watching the black squirrels looking for nuts, and watching others get out and enjoying their exercise for the day.  Sometimes I feel as though I want the entire road to myself but then I think “No, this is terrific!  All of these people are getting fit – what else could a person want to see!”  So anyways, here is our day in photos so you can enjoy your adventures too.

Oatmeal with chocolate chips added for a creamy, chocolate flavor. mmmm A few vegan chocolate chips are not evil for a diet – moderation is key. So have your sweetness and live a happy life.

Then I tried a secret recipe by my fellow vegan blogger & friend, Caeli, over at Little Vegan Bear.  Hopefully Caeli you don’t get mad I’m sharing your secret recipe but…  I tried out her favorite snack. 🙂  Genius!

Vegan makings of something very special. Ezekiel Bread (flourless), semi-sweet chocolate chips (accidentally vegan) and peanut butter.

This transformed! Go light on the peanut butter and top with some chocolate chips and oh my goodness! It’s like eating a cake! Thank you Caeli for the suggestion! It’s a new favorite. mmmm

Today we went out on a walk and had to set my gloves someplace before going out the door as I put on my shoes. Genki Pup offered and didn’t mind. So cute! Usually she doesn’t like anything on her back. Don’t worry though, these are very light…. she didn’t notice I think.

Making bread with yeast – oh this is a great sight to see – and smell! mmmm Strange fact, Genki Cat loves the smell of yeast. She will run light speeds out of a cold sleep just to get to the kitchen when I bake bread.  We made whole wheat bagels but I forgot to take a photo…  I forgot to take a photo for you guys… ahem… I mean the whole wheat bagels were ugly and I still am working on the recipe for you all to enjoy.  But the yeast is great!

jyajyamyun (Korean Black Bean Noodles) leftovers… mmm If you ever run out of Korean noodles you can use whatever noodles you want – it doesn’t matter. This was my lunch.

Easy Tip: If you have just finished off your pickles, simply place freshly cut cucumber slices in the juice and place in the fridge. Let it sit for 2-48 hours and you have a new batch for 1/3 the cost. You can do this a few times before the vinegar gets too watered down and flavorless.

Walk time at Celery Flats, Portage, Michigan.

The start of the walk at Celery Flats, Portage (Kalamazoo), Michigan.

Love the spring flowers all around.

Can you smell the spring flowers? Love flowers so much!

Another color of daffodils.

Each quarter of a mile looks different – Celery Flats is such a nice area to get out and touch nature.

Black Squirrels are seen in a few different spots in lower Michigan. Not many places but this is one of the locations that the population has been growing. This was actually the first one Genki Husband has ever seen.  These look the same as the brown species but are just black in color.  So cute!

Twinings Tea – Peppermint – yum! The ingredients are just peppermint! It’s pure bliss.  I drank this after our nice walk outside.

Dinner Time: Grill Edition: These are vegan Gardein Hamburgers, romaine lettuce (so good Grilled) and homemade spiced french fries from the oven. It was a bit dark by the time we got to eat so everything looks burnt but it really was not…

After dinner we settled in for the evening while watching Duck Dynasty and playing with the furry babies some more. This is Genki Cat’s ‘hide and seek’ location. She thinks she is hidden behind the wooden cat. We have taken the plants away from it and she hides right there. It’s so funny.

Have you ever tried grilling Romaine lettuce on the grill?  It’s like caramelized salad.  mmmmm  Or have you tried something else?