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Today Genki Husband and I ventured to the place I was born. It was in an old hospital which also had served my great grandmother I believe the story goes but is now sitting on the side of our old hometown shunned from the public eye.  A newer hospital was built when I was in around middle school and the old one was just left as is, never to be entered again but medical professionals.  Strangely enough, I do not remember ever going into this hospital, even once.  Genki Husband does not either…  Nonetheless we find a strange connection to this place of medical expertise for so many years as it sits there waiting for it’s next move.  Many people believe it is haunted as many people were serviced in this very area as the only hospital in the direct area for so many years.  When I was in school, I heard stories of others going up to the haunted building and tossing stones and daring others to go look in the windows at nightfall.  Naturally a wimp I never went along with these types of trips (never fully understood why they would want to see a ghost) but it has always intrigued me.  What do you think?  Can you see a ghost in the windows? (see more photos below)

Grape Nuts cereal with unsweetened almond milk – an addiction right now. Not that into cereal but it’s available so I see it and want it. ha-ha But it’s healthy since it contains no sugar so it’s not bad. 🙂

This is a nice pond near the hospital where I was born. It’s a nice park to have kids play and bring your dog to roam around on a lease.

These cute guys came up to us for some freebies but unfortunately we didn’t have anything and the duck seed machines aren’t out yet.

When I was young, I used to get popcorn here on hot summer days.

When I was young this was not here. There was a little area at the back of the park that hospital people could look out their windows and see a lion and other animals. The animals would get out and also live in a small cage so they no longer have these animals. (Thank goodness!) Now there is a new area, much larger that contains small farm animals that children and pet and feed.

This little guy was supposed to be in the pet area but I think they can roam free too. So cute! I love it’s little curls at the back.

Cute pinkish flower on a bush but I have no idea what it is unfortunately as I have never seen it before…

This is the bush the pinkish flower came from… no idea.

An invasive weed but I love the flowers.

This is a stream in Michigan that goes to a main river. It supplies the entire area with water for it’s farms.

Cute food processor! It holds about 1.5 cups at most. This is my mother-in-laws and it is so adorable.

Yep, I ate a few of these and they were so delicious! You can stick to your healthy weight if you moderate. We ate healthy meals and eat moderate desserts. Depriving oneself can only last for so long before you either fail your diet or have health issues.

Black Bean Noodle night! Yum! Vegan!!! Side of corn and avocado. Nom nom nom Yep again, we had a lot of leftovers and I am missing Asian food while here… Note: When you eat vegetables it is best to eat a fat along with it so the nutrients will absorbed better.

South Korean Black Bean noodles with a side dish of black bean salad on greens.

Such a gloomy day that the sunset wasn’t as gorgeous – but then again maybe it was in its own way.

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite Asian dish?