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Caught Genki Pup smelling the flowers when I wasn’t looking. She’s so cute, she loves to smell most flowers. She is so delicate with them though, she doesn’t eat them.

Today was a fun day of various weather changes in Michigan.  Michiganders call this “layer weather” since the weather changes by the minute.  It basically just means you have to wear many different layers from your swimming suit to winter jacket.  Every second the weather changes you will find yourself removing or adding a layer throughout the entire day without rhyme or reason.  We had fun outside though with Genki Pup.  She has had a difficult time moving out of our Virginia house and switching things up for the move to our new house.  So we tend to spend a lot of fun time with her so she doesn’t notice her favorite things are in a storage unit waiting to move.  Today we were outside playing and she found some flowers.  At first she acted as if flowers were a normal thing but then after I turned around from taking a photo of something else I found her sneaking this sniff.  She is just so cute!  As for the rest of the day, we found ourselves inside again since the weather turned gloomy grey and the wind was similar to one in a winter storm in an old Hollywood film.  Thankfully we were nestled inside with the heat turned up and our furry babies next to our sides as we worked on our computers for the day.  Sometimes we all need these days of rest.

Genki pup sitting next to the gorgeous spring daffodils. There is just so much cuteness in this photo it’s hard to contain myself as a proud furry-baby mum.  She was very happy with her find as you can tell.

Barry the Koala meets Michigan spring flowers for the first time

Who’s tired of oatmeal? I’m in a rut but that’s okay because there are a lot of healthy things to put into oatmeal that will make it taste different. Today I chose a basic cinnamon and sugar dish. Side of Soy Blueberry Yogurt. Pretty soon when the weather warms I will switch to cold oats instead with chiaseeds, can’t wait!

Morning walk with Genki Husband and Genki Pup.  It was very windy but the sun was out for various moments of the day.  It was really not the calmest of walks today but at least we got out there for a nice 1 mile walk, while all bundled up.  Michigan for those of you unaware is a large agricultural state.  This is leftover corn stalks from last years’ crop.

More spring flowers have sprung up this week! Hyacinths-purple.

Found this cute vintage straw in my mother-in-law’s cabinet and couldn’t resist. It’s my favorite now. I told her she might find it missing when we leave. haha Octopus straw is a definite plus in my mid-morning iced coffee drink.

Another vegan dessert that I absolutely love – ripe bananas. Mmmm Yes, the brown spots mean it is ripe. (Green is not) Genki Husband and I have this fight all the time. haha  Okay so maybe this one was a little too ripe but still…

Leftover lunch with easy put together soup. Genki Husband and I shared these two bowls of leftovers.  This is leftover pasta from our leftover dinner last night.  Additionally I made this tomato soup with a little pasta so that we had enough for two people.  My stomach has been hurting the whole day so the soup was rather nice on it.

Vegan jyajyamyun (yep, Korean Black Bean Noodles like in Korean dramas) homemade and eaten by Genki Husband. I used these noodlesI used this recipe.

Who said vegans can’t have cereal for dinner? These are grapenuts with unsweetened almond milk. On the side I had Ezekiel bread (flourless & low-sodium) with Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam. My stomach was still giving me issues so I ate this along with some mixed raw nuts from Trader Joe’s. Grape nuts has low sugar with high fiber.

New tea to test out -Ginger Peach by Republic of Tea. These always confuse me since the price is very high but the taste is very little. I’m not a fan but I assume others like this brand. I’d rather spend the money on Teavana I think or any other loose-leaf tea.

We ended the evening with a lovely orange/red sunset while watching Newhart Show on YouTube once again.

How was Earth Day for all of you?  Anything special happen?  Did you get outside and enjoy it?