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Hello Genki Friends!  Sorry this is a bit late but I have been working on something very exciting for this blog – look forward to it coming in the next day or so.  Hooray! I love surprises, don’t you?  Today started off on a different foot than normal for us lately.  Firstly we had to take our family car into the repair shop today get fixed.  Did I mention my mother-in-law hit our car while it was parked on the opposite side of the large driveway? Yep ladies and gentlemen our driving instructors were correct in telling us to look in our mirrors and pay attention to things around the car.  Just before we took in the car for the week, my in-laws left for vacation.  They are taking a one-week vacation (as they do every year) to visit my brother-in-law.  We volunteered to watch their house and furry baby while they were gone.  Our vacation here is filled with helping out our family members such as this since we almost never get to assist in this manner since we live hundreds of miles away.  This is our one chance to help everyone out and we are loving it.  Not that we would want to stay here forever just helping out family members… oh no, no, no.  We would go broke and crazy, ha-ha.  So here’s a look at my day in photos:

Waking up on the lake is such a wonderful opportunity. It will be so hard to leave the lake- it will be bittersweet.

Vegan breakfast oatmeal- cinnamon agave nectar sweetness. Mmmm  Perfect amount of sweetness that doesn’t spike the sugar in the blood.

Michigan is truly amazing with the sky show. This is what our morning looked like on a slightly cloudy day. This is my first view from the kayak on the lake.

This is the light show I keep talking about on the lake in Michigan. First you have gloomy grey then two seconds later there is purple pouring out of the sky. Truly inspiring – just what Genki Husband and I need.

After purple sets in over the Michigan lake it tends to turn pink.

After the grey, purple & pink the lake finally turns to a combination of all three. If you have never been to Michigan, I highly recommend it in the spring, summer or autumn. Okay, maybe winter too but only if you like cold temperatures and snow. (I am definitely not one of those people.) The sky show is just pure and true, it warms the heart and calms the mind.

Finally the sunshine has come through for the day and the color show has been completed. There is nothing better than kayaking in the morning on a Michigan lake in the spring. Sometimes we just go out to the middle of the lake and watch the sky show – then kayak around parts of the lake exploring the calm waters.

Genki Kitty kayaking on the middle of the lake on a very early morning kayak trip to watch the sun rise.  No makeup is allowed this early in the morning, so viewer be warned. haha  I’m not sure I even brushed my hair this morning…  LOL

The best dessert in the world in early spring- seedless grapes!!!! We love these chilled in the morning. In the summer we love to freeze them and eat as a cold dessert after a long run. Note: Grapes are a “dirty dozen” fruit so if you can, buy organic! Unfortunately our store does not have a large selection of organic items. I’m a dirty person at heart though, I eat them straight out of the bag because I can’t wait… I know, I know…

Danish Pastry with mixed frozen berries. This was leftovers and oh my goodness it was just as good as it was straight from the oven!  Did I post this breakfast when I made it for the entire family on Good Friday? Maybe I will have to post the entire recipe since it is so amazing!  Mmmm

1/2 lemon in this 16oz Starbucks cooler cup with water. Yum! This is perfect on a sunny, warm day. This is a Starbucks cup that I purchased in Australia. So cute! I haven’t seen it in America just yet. I’m guessing there are different ones for different countries.

Leftovers tossed together to make this delicious pasta dish. I’m a firm believer in taking leftovers and making them into a new dish. Simply delicious! This contained leftover cooked pasta, taco filling, peas, fresh avocado, sliced onions and sliced garlic. I tossed in cumin and turmeric also to add a bit of flavor. It was so delicious I want it again!

Genki Husband and I were still hungry after dinner so we shared this bowl of vanilla ceral with a little granola in it. Sometimes something little goes a long way for a dessert. We ate this while watching Newhart Show on YouTube. Anyone else seen this show? I used to watch the reruns while in high school so now I am passing this old show on to my husband.

Hopefully all of you are enjoying the “what I ate” series on the blog lately with all the photos.  It is a lot of work but I don’t mind if all of you enjoy it.  If you are missing anything in my blogs or want more information please let me know by email or in the comment section of each blog entry.  You can find all contact information on my “about me” page. I’d love to hear from each and everyone of you.  For now I wish all of you a happy, healthy day!