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Hello Everyone!  Many of you probably noticed this weekend I was absent and that was because it was Easter!  Happy Belated Easter to all of you!  He has risen!  Easter is one of our most treasured holidays since it is a time to be together with family and rejoice in the forgiveness of our sins.  Whether you are a Christian or not, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully got out to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.

Genki Husband and I were able to enjoy gorgeous Michigan weather, quite uncommon for this time of the year.  That’s not a complaint by any means, just so no one gets confused.  So, here’s our gorgeous Spring Easter weekend in photos:

There was a lot of eating these delicious vegan hot cross buns. I make mine so they are not only vegan but also fat free! You can have your yummy traditional foods while also losing weight! No need for starvation – just eat smart.

Vegan Easter Cookies – perfect recipe from England! Love these cookies. They are so simple to put together my in-laws were asking what the fantastic smell was and when we were going to start making the cookies. Yep, they were already done.

Here were the finished Easter Vegan Cookies. The recipe does not make a large batch so if you have a large crowd to please, I would almost triple the recipe. It is so easy with few ingredients though, it is not a problem. Genki Husband, my mother-in-law and I ate this entire batch this weekend together. (Father-in-law wouldn’t touch them, he ate old cookies from a few weeks ago instead… still trying… haha)

Vegan Italian Easter Bread – such a wonderful family tradition in Italy and so thankful I can make it vegan to enjoy over the holidays. We have made this for years and couldn’t be any more happy. It’s tasty, healthy and also is colorful for the season with a reason. You can make this recipe any time of the year – not just Easter but it is gorgeous for this special day.

Italian Easter Bread – made vegan. This is a light bread made with sun-dried fruit and topped with a drizzle of frosting. So perfect for any season, just change the coloring and sprinkles (jimmies).

This is the recipe from Engine 2 Diet but instead of collard leaves as I made last time I steamed some kale. It was so tasty, I ate this entire bowl myself. Thankfully it is very low calorie and low fat.  We ate this on Saturday morning to balance out our breakfast from Friday morning and the future Sunday morning.  It’s all about balancing and moderation.

We had this for a lunch this weekend when we were Easter baking and did not want to cook anything too special. We mixed a 14oz can diced tomatoes, 1 can mushroom, 2 tsp cumin, bag frozen mixed veggies and 1/4 cup rice into a pot and simmered for about 20-30 minutes. Done! Simple, inexpensive and we even had leftovers we were so full.

After a hard day of yard work it was so easy to put together a hardy vegan mac n chez meal with green peas. So delicious we fought over the leftovers!

Easter Lunch of foods from the bible. (1st Course) We ate right next to the lake- so quiet and peaceful. We had raw nuts, sun-dried figs from Jordan (thanks Nida for bringing them back), dried Medjool dates, and fresh grapes.

Vegan lunch out by the lake. (2nd course) This was vegan taco filling (lentils from bible) and tortillas. We really love this recipe for a filling of tacos. We shared this bowl.

Gardein vegan ‘hamburger’ topped with grilled onions, minus the bun since I’m not a fan unless eating outside. Homemade American biscuit and a kale salad. We also had Das Dutchman Essenhaus jam- so tasty! Side dish of pineapple, apple, and strawberries to share with everyone.

Yard work this weekend for a whole day in the sunshine. I took all the weeds and leaves out of the flowerbeds and around the bushes to get them prepped for Spring flowers for my mother-in-law.

Genki Husband and I are Episcopalians so we took ourselves to church again on Sunday for a special Easter service. This church is very small but you feel cozy inside it. We love that it is associated with an Abbey nearby and it is filled with monks on certain occasions. We were early so I wasn’t taking photos during the service.

Genki Pup on Easter with her present from the Easter Bunny in 2014.

Sunsets were gorgeous this weekend with the warm spring evenings.

Good Morning Easter Sunday- it’s always a color show for the eyes.


Genki Husband, Genki Furry babies and I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!