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Das Dutchman Essenhaus- outside, this is only about 1/2 of the main restaurant.

Lately Genki Husband and I have been feeling a bit cooped up so we decided instead of stay inside another cold day we would go on an adventure to one of our old favorite restaurants, Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana.  It’s an Amish restaurant that serves family style meals in large proportions.  If being stuffed to the length one has to unbutton ones’ pants, there is a separated section of the main restaurant building for menu style ordering.  Eating at this section does come with a warning though you may be mocked on your way inside (just kidding).  As this is a Amish style restaurant (German and Dutch), the food is 100% not vegan so we did not delight in the eating process but went for the entertainment of shopping.  Our intentions for the entire trip was to purchase Amish apple butter and Amish Fruit Spread- it is just like my grandmothers’ recipe and it doesn’t mess up my kitchen.  It’s something special only when we come to Michigan.  If you are in the area, I highly suggest this restaurant!  While there we also entertain ourselves by walking through the other village shops and look at knickknacks available for sale.  Once my mother and a family friend took a quilting class on the Essenhaus premises which was great fun, so if you plan it out right there are certain traditional classes available too for signup.   One can truly spend a day just in this one area, which might be necessary if you can’t move after eating a family-style meal.  Anyways I can babble on for hours about this place since it’s a family tradition to go here for food and entertainment.  So, on to the rest of the day through photos.

This is seriously how I found Genki Pup this morning in our bed as I returned to make it after Genki Husband got out of it. She is usually the last to get out of bed. Please don’t judge on the mismatched sheets we are on vacation. 🙂

Grape Nuts with Unsweetened Almond Milk and a little brown sugar.

Cardinal Checking us out through the window.

Spring flowers in a large batch. This will be gorgeous in about a week!  We found this large batch on a nice pup walk in the cool morning breeze.

We use these kids pouches for traveling to assure we get enough food and fruit. Today I used it for my hot cross buns recipe and it worked wonders since we don’t buy applesauce but make our own. This was used in a pinch and did a great job! No more buying large jars of applesauce anymore – just use one of these!

Vegan Hot Cross Buns Recipe. Non-vegan and Vegans alike will love it!  Genki Husband and I made these together for the first time -normally I make them alone but it was nice to have someone to do it with this time around.  

Lunch leftovers: homemade vegan american biscuit, tofurky deli slices and a large bunch of peas. Mmmm I’m thinking the biscuits should be a bit larger next time though. haha

Barry goes to Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. This is an Amish restaurant with stores alongside.

The shops – there is about 4 stores which are mostly connected so you can enjoy them on a cold day or a snowy one.

Inside the bakery at Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. It changes all the time.

Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. You can climb inside the silo. There’s not much to see though, we did it for fun anyways.

The jam, butter and fruit spreads section! mmmmm These are all handmade. We bought one that was Rhubarb and Strawberry!

Banana Butter? Haven’t noticed this before until after we came back from Australia and this was popular. So funny how ones’ eyes are opened after going overseas. Someone is going to get this in her next box for sure!

Had to stop from buying all of these!

Amish country in Indiana. This is very common to see going down the roads.

We found these at the store this last week – I love pretzels! Unfortunately these spoon shaped ones are not as good. 😦  This was leftover pb and I ate it as the perfect snack. mmmmm

Sunset tonight after dinner. We had a nice vegan Gardein burger and some leftover rice pilaf. Mmmm