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We woke up to this view this morning – a little snow covering on the ground. At least it was warm inside.

Oh Tuesday how you did slightly disappoint me.  We woke up this morning to snow, yes spring snow.  Where did you come from snow flurries?  It was just a slightly covering on the ground but it was a bit of a shock considering it is spring now, we are supposed to be filled with color instead of white powder.  After the first few hours, the sun was shining down upon us again and if we didn’t go outside it was nice and warm.  Does it appear I am always obsessed with the weather?  ha-ha  Not much going on today besides more telecommuting via internet and going to the grocery store.  Space is sparse here so our grocery shopping has to be minimalistic so there really was nothing really to share besides what you will see in our food recipes coming up this next week.  It’s just a lot of fresh vegetables and lentils.  Some weeks are just like this, not too much excitement I’m afraid.  Maybe some of you will find it more exciting than me though, who knows… 🙂  Exercise was done inside today, just some basic yoga since it was too cold to do much of anything outside.  We did manage to get about a five minute pup walk in but other than that we just worked on thawing our frozen ears the rest of the afternoon.  Today might have been another off day but at least we have tomorrow.  Never let one day ruin the rest – each day is an entirely new adventure and you can choose how each one goes.  So dream big!

Vegan Breakfast Ezekiel Sprouted (no flour) bread with pineapple slices and a Black Cherry Silk Soy Yogurt.

Some pistachios I ate before making breakfast in the morning. Actually I was making Bananas Elysian for Genki Husband and stole these nuts… hehe

Trader Joe’s Mixed Raw Nuts and Cranberries. These are ‘raw’ so they do not contain salt or preservatives. I ate this small batch for a snack which provides energy and essential fats for the rest of the day. Nom nom nom Never underestimate the power of nuts!

Leftovers make a lovely lunch time special when you have a few options. This is vegan mac n chez and cranberry apricot pecan rice pilaf. Actually we had two options today and Genki Husband and I had to agree to share both since we were fighting over the mac n chez since it is sooooo delicious!

Leftover Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – oh yum! You haven’t had banana bread until you have experienced this one. nom nom nom When we go on our way to our new destination, remind me of this banana bread when I see I have gained too much weight. haha Then I will be okay with having to work it off again. (Kidding, I haven’t gained any weight.)

These are licorice pieces and soooooo tasty! I grew up on the stuff and love every piece I can get my hands onto… Homemade is best but store bought comes in a good second. (I had three servings like this – so delicious! Perfect for all the walking we did around the grocery store x3)

Kale Sweet Potato Lentil Soup for dinner. It made enough to feed the entire country for less than $5. Perfect!  My intention of making this soup was to entice my in-laws into eating something healthy and vegan.  They love sweet potatoes, soup, tomatoes and supposedly lentils.  Unfortunately my father in law said “oh, I smell something” when he came in the door with a positive tone.  Looked in the pot and said “oh that looks interesting.  Is it lentils? I love lentil soup by my wife never makes it for me. I am going to definitely have some of that tonight!”  I was so excited that I might have enticed him into trying it.  Then dinner time came around and he warmed up a plate of leftovers in the microwave and turned his nose up to the soup.  He wouldn’t even eat one piece of a homemade American biscuit that I had again made knowing he loved them.  So another day, another failure at trying to get them to eat my cooking.  I’m starting to think it’s not my food but me… My quest continues…

American Style Biscuits that can be made in under 20 minutes. It’s so easy to whip together before dinner that you won’t even think of those other canned kinds in the store. I made these to go along with the soup above and for the next morning at breakfast. I made a full batch instead of 1/2 so there are a lot of leftovers now. Come on over if you love biscuits!

Spring flowers today – love the hyacinth coming up in our yard. It’s exciting to watch them grow each and every day.

Furry babies sitting in the sunshine. Love my two babies. Who said cat and dog could not love each other?

Sunset tonight as I finally got to watch a half hour of TV! (First time since we got here I could use the remote.) Sadly there was nothing on which is probably why I got to watch something and everyone else was off doing something else. ha-ha But still a score.


Did any of you manage to get outside to workout today?