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Happy Monday! It was such a nice and relaxing weekend it was hard to come into the work week but that’s okay because the weekend will live on in memory.  Did all of you have a wonderful weekend too?  What about fitness, did any of you get out there and enjoy some fresh air?  Genki Husband and I got together with Genki Pup and did about a hundred walks outside in the sunshine.  It was so gorgeous we even had our flip flops out so our toes got to come out and breathe.  Hooray!  This morning when we woke up it was warm still but there were very cold breezes.  Thankfully we got outside for a nice pup walk before the cold weather came – aka snow flurries.  There’s something different about snow flurries in Michigan in the spring though compared to winter, maybe it is due to knowing it will melt the next day.  So yeah, we just stayed inside and did some work the entire day.  It was a bit of an emotionally draining day so I decided to end the day with a nice Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus salt bath to remove some of the strain.  If you haven’t tried this kind, go for it, it’s amazing!

Lake in Michigan in Spring on a rainy, cold day.  Not as gorgeous to wake up to this but it’s still pretty to watch the waves.  We joked this morning we would go learn how to surf since the waves were very big at times.

Breakfast:  Did not take a photo for whatever reason. I had a bowl of oatmeal with agave nectar and some homemade Chocolate Chip Banana bread leftover from the other day.  Mmmm…  Anyone try this recipe yet?

Snack:  Genki Husband and I shared some oreo’s with each other.  We finally finished off the Birthday Cake Oreo’s – and did not buy any more this week. ha-ha  We find we eat them way too often when we have them in the house for too long- it’s good for a few days but then we start to overdo it with the sugar.  Sugar is an addiction so we want to make sure we don’t buy them all the time.

Leftover Cranberry, Apricot, Pecan Rice Pilaf from the other night. It is just as delicious as the night before – Genki Husband said he couldn’t tell the different so score for leftovers!

Snack:  Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels.  We find we snack more here in Michigan but that might be due to the fact we are trapped inside and can’t go outside for long.  Hopefully that changes though as the weather is going to warm up again starting this weekend.

Genki Husband made dinner tonight to get away from his work computer (can I say workaholic). Normally we make Vegan Mac n Chez on Fridays’ but we missed this last week so we made our comfort food tonight. Yum! Side dish of Wegman’s Chicken-less Nuggets which are so tasty! You probably get tired of me talking about them but they are just like real chicken nuggets minus the cholesterol, fat, calories and guilt for eating an animal. Mmmm I could eat them every night!

Pure Camomile Tea- no other ingredients. This helps me sleep on stressful days when I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep. I have issues relaxing the mind at night (that makes me smart right? ha-ha) so sometimes I reach towards a natural alternative instead of any medicines or chemicals that others use.

What do you do to sleep at night when you have a stressful day?