Hooray! I’m so thrilled to have received the Liebster Award! To be nominated for the Liebster Award is an honor – I love the idea of spreading the love between fellow bloggers and for being appreciated for the things I share with all of you. Thankfully I just fit into the required categories, so I am going to go ahead and start the sharing with all of you.

Just so you know, ‘Liebster’ is a German word that stands for the English term “sweetheart” or “dear friend”. And since all of you are my friends, (Du bist ein lieber Freund.) I wish to share all of my answers with all of you…

1. What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written? Wow! Start off with a hard one right off the bat. I love sharing everything with all of you but I most importantly love to share any information that gives you inspiration to live a healthy, fit lifestyle full of happiness. Blogs that spread information of this type of lifestyle would have to be my favorite of all the rest. Additionally, I love the recipes from my childhood to share with all of you such as my Japanese One-Pot Dish and my Grandmothers’ homemade dishes like Genki Goulash Soup. Maybe all of you can tell me what you like best, which might be easier…

2.  Where do you get your inspiration from? My inspiration is from my own life experience, I went through a major lifestyle change after I returned from my living in Japan. I lost more than ½ my body weight through natural methods (not starvation, no pills, or anything drastic) such as healthy amounts of exercise and eating healthy every day. My life mentally and physically has changed throughout my entire process of changing so I pray I can share the wealth of my experience with all of you to inspire you each and every one of you to live a happy, healthy life.

3. What does your name mean? My name, Genki Kitty, derives from my love of Hello Kitty and my love of a healthy lifestyle. The Japanese term “Genki” can be translated into English as health, energy and/or spirit. Genki encircles around the three main aspects to the lifestyle I want to live and share with all of you. The term “Kitty” comes from “Hello Kitty” or as in the old phrase “one cool cat”.

4. Do you prefer the gym or the great outdoors for exercise? The weather really determines my mood for whether I want to workout indoors or outdoors. Cold weather is not my friend most days in the winter so I prefer to go indoors. All other days I prefer to stay outdoors and run, hike, bike, walk and swim. There is so much more to do outdoors so I never get bored- which is important to a healthy lifestyle.

5. If you could go on any reality TV show, which one would you choose and why? I have been asked to go on a few talk television shows before however it is not in my interest zone. There are people that want and appreciate the attention but I am in the point of my life that I do not need external attention. I merely want to share my experience and daily life with all of you to inspire you all to live the life you want to live. Each and every one of you is worth it.

6. What was your worst date ever? Thankfully I never had to really date since I was best friends with Genki Husband before getting engaged and getting married. Genki Husband was the man that took me to my Senior Prom in high school and on that date, we knew it was meant to be and never stopped. Our intention before prom was never to date but to continue being friends but fate caught hold and took us down a different path. God always has plans, even if they go against your own.

7. What is your drink of choice? Normally I am a plain water type of gal, nothing special I know. If I had a choice among any drink though, I would go for real coconut water which I love on especially hot days when I run outside. Cracking up a Thai coconut is much easier than you probably think. Mmmmm

8. Who is your fashion/style icon? Fashion and style? Oh this one is hard because I am terrible at fashion and style. Have you ever noticed I never do any OOTD’s? Ha-ha Sadly, I think I need an intervention or a full makeover because I have not changed my appearance since around high school which was quite a few years ago.

9. If you could try or take up something new (and had the time and financial means to do it), what would it be? It financial means were not an issue I would continue on with my personal pilot lessons that I started in High School. Or I might take private Spanish lessons since so many people speak Spanish in America and I love talking to people in their own language. Ohhh or Australian surfing so that I can learn to surf and return to Australia. Two for one! Ha-ha

10. If you could live one day over again, what would it be? Not one day in my past is a day I would want to live again; I love everyday for what it was and what it had been in the past. I love to look towards the future and not the past since our future is where we will be…

11. What’s the favorite thing about the stage of life you’re in right now? Right now we are in a vacation stage between jobs for my husband so we can spend some time with our families before moving far away. We love our families (although would never want to live too close by) so a few weeks before we move was a great option for us seeing we have the financial means to take a few weeks off and work telecommuting. It is something I believe we will treasure for a long time to come when we are living a great distance away and not able to come home every holiday.

Instead of tagging 11 bloggers, I am going to tag ALL of you! Pick one of the questions above and answer it in the comments.

Or go ahead and try all of them out on your own personal blog.  I just ask you put a link to my website in your blog post.  Then, I will add your link to this blog post for others to read.  It’s so much fun to get to know each other!

Bloggers that I nominate for this award are: (These are all blogs I subscribe to that I love and also mean the requirements.  I can’t wait to hear everyone’s responses!

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