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Palm Sunday!  This is one of my favorite weeks in the Christian calendar since it is the week that one can really look deep into our faith and meditate on what happened while Christ was on earth.  Genki Husband and I started out the day with a positive note.  We were going to make Pax cakes but I really wanted to make something extra special for my in-laws to try out and enjoy.  My in-laws do not understand the vegan lifestyle (even though we have been vegan for years) so I am trying to get them to understand it is not about eating just salads but also delicious items everyone can enjoy together.  Food is not about nourishment of the body but also a cultural piece that brings people together.  My father-in-law is not impressed with the idea of vegan eating and turns up his nose to all my food so I am trying to go the extra distance to bring food to the table he will enjoy.  I will not be defeated!  ha-ha  This morning I got up just before 6A.M. to make this banana chocolate chip bread for everyone before church.  The house smelled so amazing!  Unfortunately my father-in-law decided to make his own instant oatmeal instead of trying my bread but at least my husband and mother-in-law (tiny slice= tiny victory) enjoyed this for breakfast.  Then we were off to church and settling in to a day of relaxation.  After church we just relaxed since it was the first day since getting here we did not have work to do or coursework.  Such a nice relaxing day at the lake.  For exercise we did manage to take it easy and go for three pup walks since it was warm.

P This morning I wanted to make something super delicious for my in-laws. My father-in-law does not like the idea of ‘vegan food’ so he won’t eat anything I make. So I thought this coconut chocolate chip banana bread might do the trick. Who can resist this great smelling bread baking at 6A.M.? My father-in-law I guess. ha-ha This was delicious though, highly suggest it but not too often since it does contain a lot of sugar. mmmm

This was my slice along with another slice. So delicious!

I don’t think I have shared with you our Michigan church. My aunt and uncle attend this church and I used to attend every Sunday while in High School and college with them. I used to play trumpet in this church so it was very special to me. It is relaxed and full of fun-loving people that are more like family than strangers.

Lunch:  Forgot to take a photo but it was leftovers again- a ton of them since we wanted to finish them off.

Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels are the best snack when hungry. If you don’t want to eat the entire bag, don’t open them! LOL We ate these as a snack before dinner since my in-laws eat around 8PM and we like to eat around 5PM.

Love seeing the robins out playing in the grass. They are a wonderful attraction to Michigan, especially in the spring.

Unfortunately my in-laws live on the wrong side of the lake in Michigan. Look at this crowd, so dangerous. haha

These diving ducks are hilarious to watch going in and out of the water. They are so graceful and entertaining at the same time. We watched them for about an hour or so together while chatting with family.

Time for dinner. Again I tried to get my in-laws to eat something vegan (no luck again for father-in-law) with this Cranberry, Apricot, Pecan Rice Pilaf dish. This was almost creamy thanks to the vegan vegetable broth. I highly suggest it as a side dish or full meal.

Cranberry, Apricot, Pecan Rice Pilaf with vegan chicken-less nuggets from Wegman’s Grocery Store. (which you all should know by now is my favorite vegan chicken-less nuggets.)

After dinner we watched the sunset over the lake again and just delighted in the warm air outside and good company.