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Hooray!  It’s another day to spend on the lake while on our vacation in Michigan.  We are going to be very spoiled when we have to leave here.  There is nothing more refreshing than waking up and opening the shades to see what the Michigan weather will showcase for the day over the lake.  Today it was another gorgeous day full of sunshine and near 70F temperatures.  So what is an active couple to do after watching an elderly grandmother for the morning?  Well, kayak of course for 2 more hours on the private lake.  For some reason there are no others on the lake, minus one curious fishing boat.  It’s strange no one is taking advantage of the weather but then again we are thankful we get the entire lake to ourselves – minus the diving ducks.  So here’s our day in photos again.  Hopefully all of you are enjoying these daily posts.  I am sure they will evolve but for now I am testing the waters.

Morning fog only over swamp land. Can you see it in the distance? We saw this as we were driving to my parents house from the lake house.

Breakfast:  Oops, forgot to take a photo since we were in a great hurry.  I ate a bowl of traditional oats with agave nectar and a homemade bagel.  I made a breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast for my grandmother and her caretaker (one would think that would get boring…)

Made these brownies for my grandmother and her caretaker for dinner dessert. It was a heart shape since it was the only baking pan I could find, haha.

Yep, this is about right – found it on my instagram today.

Korean rice with green peas, carrot slices, and some broccoli. Drizzle with a little soy sauce and you have an easy meal. I had a side of banana slices with peanut butter and crackers. This was sooooo delicious!

Kayaking in Michigan on the lake today. This was a section that comes off the main part of the lake. It’s a bit swampy but it’s fun to go down into since there is a lot of different animals hiding such as turtles. It’s spring so most of the animals were caught in the action of doing “spring actions”.

Genki Kitty getting her kayak time on – so much fun on the lake in Michigan! Crazy hair though since it’s so windy.


A view of the bottom of the lake from the kayak.

We were hungry from our kayaking on the lake. So, fruit smoothie time! This was for 2.5 smoothies. My mother-in-law wanted some too so she was a .5 serving. We added a few ice cubes and a little bit of water and it was perfect! This was strawberries, 2 mangoes and 2 bananas.

The end result while sitting outside sunbathing.  A bit hard to see since the cup was purple, sorry.

Genki Pup sitting outside sunbathing next to the lake.

Mixed organic greens with tofurky deli slices, tomatoes, and a little hummus.

Snack:  A few Australian Minties and some homemade chocolate cookies made by Genki Husband.  I was working on some coursework for school so I don’t have the recipe or photos.  I’ll have to double check with Genki Husband and post tomorrow if he has them available.

Lake in Michigan on a warm Spring night. Looked gorgeous with the sunshine coming through the clouds and a slight bit of orange coloring.

That’s our Friday evening in a nutshell.  It was an inspiring day of sunny weather, kayaking, watching my elderly grandmother and studying for school.  I’m thankful for each and every day we have here on earth and with the people in our lives.  Thank you for reading today and I hope to see you again tomorrow.