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Thursday, Thursday, Thursday…. Yep, it was another day of Grandmother watch while my parents are away on a nine-day vacation.  She’s not that much of a handful but there are a lot of other things that need to get done daily on top of catering to her every need.  How do in-home healthcare professionals do it?  If you are one reading this, you definitely get a nod of approval and a bow-down from me.  Whew, it’s great work!  Some things that need to get done are dishes from the previous night and from today, laundry from the entire house, vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen, make meals and so on.  Then on top of that I am keeping to my promises for work so it’s a double work load.  Guess this is good practice if we ever decide to have children some day. he-he

Since we were on Grandmother watch, we did not get to go out for a run since she can’t be left alone for long.  We did manage to get in a ten minute walk outside since it was sunny and both of us needed a break.  It was just a gentle walk to get fresh air, stretch our bodies and get the blood flowing.  It’s always a good idea to take a break from whatever you are doing and enjoy a little bit of sunshine or fresh air – no matter what the temperature.  My head hurts, that’s going to have to be my greatest insight of the day I’m afraid. ha-ha  (sorry)

Homemade Bagels with Vegan Earth Balance butter and coffee! Mmmm Best breakfast! These bagels are seriously the best bagels ever – even my in-laws have been eating them and they generally shy away from bread.  We made these a few days ago and they are still here (1.5 left).  (Breakfast for the caretaker watching my grandmother at night and my grandmother I made eggs, sausage, toast and rolls.)

We had these accidentally vegan Pretzel crisps too as a shared snack. My parents house is full of junk food so it is hard to resist, we try to pick the healthiest available. If you do not have these available where you live, they are very crispy since it is just the outside of the pretzel. Mmmm

1/2 Tofurky Deli Slice Sandwich on Ezekiel Bread topped with plain hummus and organic mixed baby greens. Side dish is steak fries with 1 tbsp ketchup. We generally do not buy deli slices unless we are on vacation or strapped for time. Since we were going to my parents house, we new there would be nothing really to eat. We planned ahead. These fries were from the freezer and since we had to make them for my grandmother, we just ate some too. Not recommended though. (Grandmother had steak fries, a turkey sandwich with cheese, macaroni salad and a pudding cup.  Just so if you were worried about her… )

Anyone remember these things? We found this at my parents house from the caretaker who had KFC the other night. It’s been more than 10 years for us I think… The honey packet contains only 7% honey! No wonder we used to love these things when little. It’s all high fructose corn syrup! Never going to happen with my children. Thank goodness the USA states all ingredients to warn parents now.

These are both vegan! That’s Meijer Apple Pie (yep, accidentally vegan!) and homemade vanilla banana cupcakes with white frosting. We were so hungry today after all the hard work we ate these for a dessert. mmmmm The pie piece was smaller than the cupcake – moderation is key. You can eat whatever you want as long as you are active and eating smaller amounts.

Coming into Michigan’s Spring, the forests are still bare but it has it’s own beauty I think. We know these trees provide shade in the summer and houses for the furry friends all year around. These are hard working trees.

It’s Easter time in Michigan. These are basic plastic eggs that people tie to trees as a festive addition to their yards.

Sunset in Michigan in April 2014. The whole sky is a gorgeous purple and pink. It is so surreal to see this happen before your eyes. It’s like magic!

Dinner:  For some reason I can not find the recipe.  I had a large plate of mixed organic baby greens with some leftover grilled eggplant and zucchini.  Additionally I added a side bowl of vegan baked beans.  It was so tasty I wanted more.  Mmm Now I am thinking about it again.  If I find the photo I will share.

Birthday Cake Oreo’s are amazing! They are also accidentally vegan! Oh my, oh my! If you have never had these you can find them still at Walmart (only place we can find them) for the same price as the original. They are not only a slight birthday cake flavor but have sprinkles in the creamy center! Oh my! You know I love sprinkles! ha-ha

Exercise:  A ten minute walk and watching my grandmother then entire day.

Yep, we at a ton today but nope we aren’t guilty.  When you learn to moderate what you eat, you learn that portion control is very important when you want to have something less healthy.  For instance, we did keep active the entire day and we also ate a light dinner to compensate for the snacks.  It’s okay to do this a few times without having too many issues.