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View while sitting in a kayak in the middle of a lake in Michigan. Such a gorgeous sight watching the sun rise.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you…  We will happily take the unofficial award of the first kayakers on the lake this year.  We were hoping to be the first ones out on the lake but there was a fishing boat yesterday that took that award from us.  Darn!  Oh well, we will get over it.  Our award was a gorgeous calm lake as the sun shone above the horizon.  The lake was perfectly calm and completely silent outside.  This is the exact workout I am always referring to that works the muscles and calms the mind.  Although I am an early morning person, which even if you are not, I highly recommend getting up early and setting out for a walk, run, bike or even a kayak trip outside.  The world is calm and you will find yourself relaxing too.

Genki Kitty Fruit Cobbler. My in-laws have fallen in love with this recipe after I made it a few years ago. I normally make it for a dessert but they like a sugar rush in the morning and have it for breakfast. They make theirs with canned (gasp!) peaches and fresh strawberries.

Oatmeal for breakfast with ground cinnamon and a little agave nectar – perfect!  (Note, I didn’t eat the above since it has too much sugar and I don’t like warm fruit.)

The lake just before the sun was starting to come up over the horizon in Michigan.

First kayak trip of the year 2014! We were the first kayaks on the lake!

Genki Kitty out in the middle of the lake. The photo was taken through a baggie that holds my cell phone while out near the water so is a bit blurry.

Genki Kitty out in the middle of the lake on a kayak trip 4/10/14 after the ice just melted. It’s just as the sun was rising.  Why do selfie’s make you look so weird?

Yep, that’s me, Genki Kitty, out in the middle of the lake early in the morning kayaking.

Sitting in the middle of the lake as we kayak early in the morning. See how still the water is at this moment, it’s like a mirror.

On days we do more than just a normal exercise I like to have an extra snack of nuts to increase the protein to assure my body is getting built up once again.

Lunch time: Genki Kitty Goulash Soup with pasta added for leftovers. We make this soup without pasta the first night and then the second day for leftover we mix in pasta. It gives a different taste and texture to each time you have it. Side dish of strawberries and apple slices shared with Genki Husband.

Spring flowers are here – these are some new ones that popped up over night. We saw these on our pup walk today.

Genki Pup sitting out on the lake enjoying a little sunbathing after a nice walk outside.

Handsome Genki Husband grilling for the first time in Michigan in 2014! Yes, I do this “first time” celebration thing for everything. 🙂 Genki Husband ignores it after a while, so I won’t mind if you do too. ha-ha

Genki Pup and me sitting out next to the lake as we grilled dinner. There’s nothing better than a little cuddle while being kissed by the sun and smelling vegan food on the grill.

Marinated eggplant, onion and zucchini vegan sandwich that was grilled outside on a charcoal grill. We marinate with a mixture of ground cumin, fresh dill, EVOO and garlic. This is so tasty my mouth is watering as we speak! Then we placed the grilled veggies on Ezekiel Low-Sodium Bread (go for full sodium is possible since it tastes better) and hummus. Perfect!

We didn’t forgot about this one…  Genki Cat chillin’ in a chair that isn’t supposed to be hers in Michigan but she insists it is. Haha Cats Rule the house – even if it isn’t theirs…