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Weather has been on our side this week I think, it was another gorgeous day.  The wind was a bit chilly (okay, really chilly) but once it calmed down, it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  We loved the idea we could go outside in shorts and run 3.66 miles again (strange number I know but it just happens to be a perfect loop) and for a pup walk.  The sun beats down on our faces and it’s hard not to be excited for summer and the anticipation of warm days once again.  We are getting into our new running route and just enjoying watching flowers grow and also learning the animals around the area.  It’s fun to setup a new route and have animals greet you while running (this time one followed us for a bit but then went home) and then also be greeted by a horse and cow later on our route.  Running isn’t just about exercise, it’s about getting out in a new place and exploring on foot.  Each time we travel we make sure to take our running shoes to assure we get the perfect adventure which is usually one of the highlights of our trips.

Good Morning Lake in Michigan. It’s absolutely delightful to wake up in the morning and look out over the lake. I’ve always wanted to live on the water and walk out my back door every morning to the sound of water. This is so mood relaxing…ahhh

Breakfast is a bit different this morning since it’s grocery day. Oh I love grocery day! Grape Nuts with unsweetened almond milk with 1/2 homemade bagel and some daiya cream cheese. I have to admit, I’m not loving the Daiya Brand, it is a bit thick and sweet. It might have to go in a recipe instead. Homemade bagels are just too precious to not have the perfect vegan cream cheese. haha

Bananas are simply amazing to eat as a snack. Not only can it go anywhere (even on airplanes) but are high in Magnesium & Potassium which many believe can help minimize headaches and other illnesses.

Leftovers for Lunch: Quinoa Hippie Bowl. Yum! This is so easy to put together and is so creamy but still crunchy I would want to eat it everyday if possible. We actually had this last night but only the leftover quinoa so I made the same thing but in the microwave. Simple thaw some mixed vegetables and place with quinoa and top with a drizzle of soy sauce and nutritional yeast and you have a full meal. Note: Quinoa is a complete protein that will fill you up for hours.

Vegan Teriyaki Jerky. Before going vegan, I was not a fan of jerky in any of sort so it’s strange that I do love these Primal Vegan Jerky’s every once and a while. Each package is not cheap but for the thrill of eating a jerky, it is well worth it. This one is not as tough as other flavors and can serve two slightly hungry people. We went on a pup walk and a 3.66 mile run this afternoon so Genki Husband and I were more than hungry for something small to share while making dinner.

The sun was starting to set over the lake in Michigan. So gorgeous to see the colors of the sky as it reflected onto the water. No idea what the light spot is in the sky (a cloud?) or a spot on the window I was taking this photos from maybe? No idea. haha  This was the view as we were getting our dinner cooked at a very late hour.

Genki Kitty Goulash Soup – German version without pasta.  Yes, some traditional goulash does not have pasta and some does -it depends on the region and family.  My German family did not put pasta in it so that’s how I make it the first night.  Tomorrow for leftovers I will place pasta in it for a different version.  This is such a fantastic dish to make on a cooler winter evening – we devoured large bowls full.  Mmmm

The sun going around the globe from Michigan – such a gorgeous view to take in before going to settle in for the evening. Which for me that meant working on my class coursework until bedtime…

The sun has gone around the globe for tonight – but will definitely come back tomorrow. Even when it’s dark, it’s gorgeous here on the lake.

This is one of my favorite Australia candies that I love! It’s vegan (if you are a honey eating vegan) and Eucalyptus! There’s even menthol. Mmm It does not have a medicinal taste but rather a sweet, fresh one.  I ate a whole package of these by myself as I was studying for my class.  I was sad though, they were the second to last bag I have from our last trip to Australia.  Maybe we will have to go again soon.