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Another beautiful day in Michigan, especially thanks to the sunshine that shone down upon us today.  The last few days have been rainy and dark but today was the complete opposite.  It was just the best day to get up early and go to church for a sermon for the coming of the Lord.  Absolutely wonderful!  Genki Husband and I took advantage of the windy but sunny day and went on a good walk outside with the furry baby.  All three of us delighted in adventuring around the countryside looking for fresh sprouts (aka Green Thumbs) emerging from the sun-kissed soil and newly bloom spring flowers.  Although summer is my favorite time of the year, spring has to be in the running for second favorite (but then again I say that about Autumn too).  Each new day seems to bring forth a new flower, less ice on the lake and the grass seems greener.  Autumn is a great time to adventure out in the countryside and see everything coming to life once again after the deep winter months.

Again today we were watching my elderly grandmother at my parents house so it was a large task this morning like yesterday.  Each morning she has to have the big standard American breakfast of 3 eggs, 2 sausage patties and two slices of toast slathered with butter.  She’s a small lady but she can really eat a lot of food – no idea how…  so after getting her food ready and out of bed I was too tired to make a full breakfast for us too.  Hence, we had a simple breakfast of things tossed together.  After breakfast we ran over to church and then back to my in-laws where we have been staying at the lake house.  So you will notice in the photos there is a difference in the houses.  So on to the food:

Oatmeal with brown sugar and a glass of OJ.  Nothing exciting, I know…

Homemade peanut butter from a girl my mother knows that used to be Amish. My parents live near Indiana which has a large population of Amish communities. This PB was so creamy and luxurious that I wanted to get a spoon and eat the entire thing! I managed to just eat a bit on top of a banana though. Although I think I will continue to dream of it for a few more weeks…

Genki Kitty before a walk outside on a chilly but sunny spring Sunday in Michigan, USA.

Vegan leftover lunch of chickenless tenders from Wegman’s Grocery Store (made by Gardein), leftover stew and leftover cauliflower and chez. We also had some fresh fruit which is not pictured.  We had intended on eating all of this but it really was too much food for two people so we ended up putting it away for later.

Homemade Cinnamon Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and coffee as a snack. Those are not store bought cookies but rather my mother-in-law likes to reuse old salad containers and it worked out pretty good if you don’t like to use your glass reusable containers.

Nothing is better for dessert than a fresh collection of oranges, medjool dates, strawberries and apples. Delish!!!  I made this plate for all four of us to encourage the others to eat some fruit.  The dates were a hit unfortunately not the other fresh fruit.  I’ll keep trying. 🙂

Slightly steamed broccoli and asparagus for dinner along with the leftovers from lunch.

Frozen lake still on 4/6/14 but still thawing… it’s almost there!

A few hours with some heavy sunshine and wind, the lake is almost free of ice. 4/6/14 Michigan.

So you can understand what the lake looks like up close here is a piece of the lake in Genki Husbands’ hands. This is what the lake looks like when picked up in the spring…

Spring in Michigan – these are the first flowers in Spring here. Virginia had these about 3-4 weeks ago.

Finding green patches of spring flowers is so fun during this time of the year. We found this patch while on our walk.

Spring flowers in bloom in Michigan. So gorgeous! We found this while on our pup walk after church.