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Rain finally found us up here in Michigan, USA; we thought we drove away from it in Virginia. Thankfully thanks to the sunny weather upon our arrival, we did get a run in every day.  But, today the weather took a turn and we decided to stay dry and wind free (averaging around 30MPH+) today. House cleaning was our main focus for exercise indoors besides the occasional furry baby playtime.  Off days are sometimes a good warmup for our run days, it revives the body.

Morning is my ‘shine time’ so if you are ever staying with me, or the other way around, you will love breakfast time. This morning I got up around 5:30A.M. (Yes, by choice) and made everyone some baked apple cinnamon oatmeal – via the request of my mother-in-law. She found the recipe out of a Virginia Inn Keepers Cookbook and decided that my husband would enjoy it.  (I Don’t like warm fruit so it was just for the others.)  I’ll add a photo for ya’ll to see down below in the photo section.

So as promised, here’s what I ate today.  Nothing really all that exciting but it is what we had purchased to eat.  We actually need to do a full week’s of grocery shopping but we haven’t been able to get my mother-in-law to give us too much room in the fridge. ha-ha  I understand though, refrigerator space is very valuable in a house.  So on to the food:

Did I tell you how I get into ruts? Ezekiel toast with earth balance butter and a side of Silk Vegan Strawberry soy yoghurt. We also had a nice mug of Starbucks at-home coffee- mmm…

Baked Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal. Vegan (minus in-law’s toppings of choice).

Genki Pup working alongside me in the wee morning hours getting the next blog post up for all of you. She works so hard for her puppy cookies.

Teavana tea of the morning: Rooibos Tropica. Light and fruity, just what a dreary day needed.

Leftover Vegan Stew with strawberries (shared with Genki Husband) and water. Perfect warm food for a cold day.  This stew is just as tasty as the first day we made it – yum!!!  If you haven’t had the chance to make this recipe yet, I kindly urge you to do so – you won’t be disappointed.

View of the lake today:  Ice has almost melted completely away now. The wind has been pushing it loose and to the other end of the lake and the rain has been melting it.   My mother-in-law has been writing in a book of the day the lake melts yearly – she mentioned this year is the longest it has taken to melt in the 34 years they have lived on this lake.  That means the Farmers’ Almanac was correct in stating it was going to be the cold, longest winter in a long time.

Teavana Tea of the day = Rooibos Tropica. Very fruity and light but adds a nice little tropical kiss to your day. Furry Genki Cat was my helper today.

Vegan Cauliflower and Cheez (mock macaroni and cheese). Side dish was chicken-less strips from Wegman’s Grocery store (made by Gardein) and hot sauce. These are the best Vegan nuggets we have found for taste and texture. If you can find a Wegman’s nearby, try these out not only are they cheaper than the original Gardein version but you can also eat more for less calories. We love these for lazy days.

Tonight we were in a hurry since we were traveling to my parents’ house to stay with my elderly grandmother for a few days.  It’s my parents’ spring break and they are flying down in Orlando, Florida (Yep, that’s Disney-world) for 9 days of ‘relaxation’.  I’m not sure how much relaxation they are going to get with an exchange student and her friend in “the happiest place on earth” (and all the other tourists going down for spring break LOL).  My grandmother lives with my parents and needs full-time supervision so Genki Husband and I are taking over the position.  Wish us the best of luck!

Comment Question: What is your lazy day meal of choice?