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Bonus feature this week is my daily eats on Thursday.  I’m testing the waters to see if all of you would really like to see what I eat on a daily basis or not.  Let me know by personal email message (see contact me page) or in the comment section.  Today was our second day in Michigan and we delighted in a few new things to test out with the family (all carnivores).

Ezekiel Toast (contains no flour) and a Silk Non-dairy Vegan Blueberry Yogurt with coffee on the side. Such a wonderful light breakfast that doesn’t leave you bloated.

Tea of the day: White Chocolate Peppermint Tea from Teavana (rooibos). Contains no milk, so we were told.

Quinoa Salad Leftovers & strawberries. Again, the Quinoa Salad (see recipe yesterday) is delicious but not as good the second day.

Matcha Green Tea Pocky – not vegan unfortunately…. but delicious! Very light sugar taste. We ate some of these as a snack and then realized they had milk. grrrr… why oh why?  We then ate some peanut butter with pretzels since we were still a bit hungry from cleaning and running outside in the cold breeze.

The cutest Welcome Sign at a neighbors house. So adorable! It’s amazing what you find when you are walking a furry baby down the street instead of driving all the time.

Organic Banana Blueberry creamy drink- great for after a nice 4 mile run outside in the sunshine. We beat our time from yesterday so we were thrilled. Getting back into the outdoor running game is always a challenge but thrilling.

My mother-in-law’s furry baby. She is very spoiled and is allowed on the kitchen counter-tops which I do not agree with but can’t say anything about it. She normally does not get into food but sanitary reasons – it’s just wrong. She was on the counters while cooking. Gross… I kept her as far away as possible without her biting me.  Note:  Never spoil your cats!

Cooking with cat in Michigan – not by our choice. If it our house, the cat would never, ever touch the counter-tops! (My Mother-in-law is OCD clean but strangely just not in this one thing.)

Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings – vegan. This is an amazing soup, great for winter months. So delicious that even my mother-in-law ate it and wanted the recipe (quite unheard of).  See here for the link to the recipe and video!

We ended the evening with a nice bowl of homemade coconut oil & sea salt popcorn and a glass of Cooper Vineyards Wine (Louisa, Virginia Winery).

Question of the day:  Comment below with your agreement or disagreement of pets on the kitchen counters.  I’d like to know if I’m alone in this matter or not. ha-ha