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Our rental truck – 17″ is a lot smaller when you put an entire house in it. Thankfully just about everything fit and only a few extra car loads were necessary. Either we need to reduce even more or we need to get a bigger truck to make the final move. (probably the latter)

Another photo haul, hopefully all of you are enjoying a little tidbit of the scenes and vegan foods we have been delighting in over the last few days.  Thankfully we were able to pack our things into a storage unit so we could take a bit of time off before moving far from our family members.  Our first stop after Virginia was Maryland to visit my brother-in-law.  He’s a bit shy so I wasn’t able to take many photos to reserve his privacy but here are a few things to share.  It was only a one-day stay in the rainy state of Maryland.

Gorgeous flowers outside in March at an Italian restaurant in Spotsylvania, Virginia after our long day of moving things into the moving truck and then into our 10×15″ storage unit. Amazing how much stuff can fit into those units! It’s like playing one of those tetris games.

Last view as we were moving from Lake of the Woods, Virginia. Such a gorgeous parting gift. Thank you Virginia for being so kind to us.

Numi Gunpowder Green Tea – A bit different than the normal Japanese green tea leaves that I usually drink. It’s a light version of green tea so if you aren’t a green tea drinker, you might enjoy it.

Numi Gunpowder Green Tea.

Indian Restaurant Appetizer – vegan minus the cheese ones. Love the green cilantro dip!

Views of Solomon’s Island, Maryland on a rainy morning.

Traveling with Furry Baby on her pedestal in a plush pillow. She was asleep, not looking at the pretzels. She was actually snoring. She’s a great travel partner.

Our travel partner – Barry from the Koala Hospital in Australia. We received him as a present while in Australia – he travels around the world and visits many people.  Barry is a real Koala that comes from Australia and lives on the hospital grounds as a representative to help spread the awareness of the hospital which saves koalas by bringing them back to health or rescuing them from danger.  The koalas are not normally kept in the hospital or in a zoo but rather released into the safe wild again if they are able to live alone without assistance.  I would encourage you to check out their website and donate if possible.

Rush Hour Traffic on Monday morning in D.C. Not bad (unlike other cities like Chicago, IL) since the traffic moves.

Just a few miles outside D.C. this is the view. Not a person in sight.

Quinoa Bowl from Flaming Ice Cube from the Boardman, Ohio location. Not sure if there is a new chef or the restaurant is skimping on the dishes now but the amount given was really sad today. Hopefully the restaurant doesn’t continue to serve this amount – barely enough for one serving and a bit high price. Hopefully just an off day… The recipe can be found here.

Side dish from Flaming Ice Cube. This is one of the three options. They never change so you can expect this one – it’s the black bean and corn option. Normally we do not like it plain but prefer to take home and place on a bed of lettuce.  Each ‘burger’ comes from one side dish.

Flaming Ice Cube Mushroom burger – vegan. So delicious you will want to purchase a few and take home for another day. Boardman, Ohio. We purchase this every time we go through Ohio (actually travel out of our way to go to this restaurant). I asked Genki Kitty to take a photo for you guys and he ate 1/2 first. Major cravings I guess, so cute.

Flaming Ice Cube Spicy Chickenless Strip Salad with vegan ranch dressing.

Lake of the Woods, Virginia – our private beach that we used to go to all the time. This is a small beach but not used often by anyone but me so it was perfect!

Our house in Lake of the Woods, Virgina. Goodbye house… Spring 2014.  (Note, for safety reasons I normally do not post house photos but since we have moved out, I believe it is safe.)

We have officially moved all of our belongings into storage and are no longer living in this Virginia House.  Next up, Michigan for some family time before moving to our new chapter in our lives.  Keep coming back for more exciting adventures.