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Here’s another photo haul for the last few days of our adventure to visit family before our big move.  Hopefully all of you have been enjoying these photos and can use them too.  All food photos have posted links to the recipe (either mine or external) so please click on them and check each one out. Once I’m all caught up, more regular blog posts will be coming soon.

Hiking the battlefields for daily exercise before we move away from Virginia, USA. It’s still a bit brown in the early days of spring so I brightened up the coloring.

Hiking the trails after winter proved to a bit of a challenge in Virginia.

Genki Husband moving trees to walk through a hiking trail… (or maybe not it was just a photo op ha-ha) Winter was incredibly hard this year so many trees were fallen over due to bad roots or too much ice weight.

Running through the streets in the spring is one of my most favorite things to do. There is so much color that makes every day a new adventure.

Genki Kitty was following us around after she learned our secret to keeping her happy throughout the moving process – kitty cookies! Now whenever we get out a baggie she thinks it’s a treat. What have we created?

1/2 of our kitchen in Virginia. It was almost fully cleaned before moving. Minus the cleaning supplies and freshly cut pineapple. Yum! BTW, eating pineapple during a move is a great idea! Not only does it have tons of Vitamin C to keep you healthy but it also provides energy through natural sugars.

Who knew that Starbucks actually would make you a small espresso-sized cup of any latte you wanted to taste test before you purchase? It was so kind of the cashier to tell us this offer so that we could test out the new Caramel cinnamon latte (with soy, no whip). Nom nom nom It tastes like French Toast!!!! Yes please times a hundred!

Starbucks has a new bakery line (still nothing vegan, why? 😦 ) and so everything is pink in the store now. I’ll take the pink, thanks. (please don’t look at my nails, they are in bad shape after scouring our house for the move for 2 weeks straight)

Our energy for a full house move! Caramel Cinnamon Latte (soy milk, no whip). Genki Husband managed to get a few sips. ha-ha Normally I don’t drink this much sugar but we did move everything out of our house and into a storage unit all done by Genki Husband, Brother-in-law and myself. Tons of work = tons of energy needed. It was nice to have something with caffeine after not having any for about 1.5 weeks seeing as packed our keurig. Gasp!

Plastic eggs came out this year for coloring eggs! These are great for vegan families! These were found at Walmart, we have not seen them available other stores.