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Virginia is a quirky state in the winter months.  Or does it just seem to be the case being that I am originally from Michigan?  Apparently there is some unwritten rule that Sunday equals the start of bad weather.  It seems for the last 18 months we have lived in Virginia just about every Sunday in the winter there has been either a thunderstorm that floods the area or a major snowstorm.  It’s never a dull time.  This weekend we were sunbathing in the sunshine in shorts and t-shirts then on Sunday we were bundling up once again for a major snowstorm.  Kids in the area love it though – it means a lot of days off work.  As a born northerner I get a kick out of watching the school closings for two days (Monday and Tuesday) just because there is potential for snow on the ground.  Monday everything was once again closed (not just schools but roads too).  So it was another rather boring weekend but here is what we ended up getting into as seen through photos.

Orzo Vegetable Dish with side salad of homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing

Orzo Vegetable Dish for dinner – so delicious!

One of our favorite past-times- drinking coffee and working from the local coffee houses. Genki Husband and me hard at work.

Interesting parking job by someone at Starbucks. They parked partially on the snow. No this was not us! haha

Penguin Bubble Bath from Lush! It was an okay bubble bath but the smell was a bit off. It smelled like bathing in men’s cologne… but it was still great to relax and method of getting warm.

View from our house – winter wonderland. It is simply beautiful when everything is closed down and we are able to enjoy the white covered land.

Genki Kitty shoveling snow in Virginia 2014

Vegan Hot Cocoa in an Australia mug (our house in Vegemite less now though. So sad!) Is this strange an Aussie mug in American snow?

Happy St. Patty’s Day 2014~ Doughnut in Virginia

Happy St. Patty’s Day Dinner = bangers and mash with steamed kale. 2014 Vegan edition

How was your weekend?