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It’s hard to believe the temperatures we have been having in Virginia lately – is it the same where you live?  During the day, the morning is cloudy and cold and all of a sudden it hits lunchtime and the sun comes out to play.  It’s truly perfect weather – one can wear pants and a shirt without any fear of being either too cold or too hot.  Plus I’d like to add my sandals have come back out of hiding (they were hidden away ready for the move in my carryon bag for the moment it reached 60F). You have no idea how much happiness this brings to me!  I’d live in them if I didn’t fear losing a toe in the snowy winter months.  Genki Husband and I even joke around the fact if I were to ever get a job in a steal-toe shoe environment I would have to get the ‘Australia steal-toed Thongs’.

Due to the nice weather, I have been craving raw vegan food once again.  It’s hard though seeing as though we got rid of our old blender/food processor as it only worked 1/2 the time (I drove it into the ground) and most of our kitchen is packed away ready for the move.  Not to mention the fact it is hard to find good quality raw vegan food options in the grocery stores still in the end of the winter months in Virginia.  We have been doing as best as possible though and making it an adventure. 

Here’s what I ate on Wednesday:

On cold wintery days one just wants to have some hot maple syrup oats with a side of Vitamin C. nom nom nom

Breakfast: Oatmeal with maple syrup and cinnamon, strawberries, & ½ grapefruit

Luna Carrot Cake is seasonal to spring however we weren’t that impressed. It was very spicy and very sweet at the same time. We’re not into that type of combo but if you are, you will love it!

Serving 2 adults for a small snack. 1/2 luna carrot cake bar and 1/2 clementine make the perfect light snack.

Snack: ½ Luna Carrot Cake Bar and ½ Clementine

Vegan ramen with tons of wakame! Side of pineapple and you have yourself a lunch. I made this batch with Korean bean soup paste.

Lunch: Vegan Ramen with tons of Wakame & a few pieces of pineapple

Popcorn made by Genki Husband after a run in the rain – it was definitely worked for after a hilly run.

Snack: Popcorn made by the adorable Genki Husband

Vegan Amazing Kale Salad with Tempeh crumble

Dinner: Amazing Kale Salad

Thai Tapioca Pudding with a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Perfect hot dessert for cold winter night.

Snack: Thai Tapioca Pudding and some Chocolate

So much food, I know!  That’s what packing does to a person.  We also managed to get outside for a nice short run in the rain.  Genki Husband promised me it wouldn’t rain; sometimes I think he says this just to trick me to get me out even if it is going to rain. LOL