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Moving has taken over our house and our boxes have consumed all of our kitchen items, minus a few ‘can’t live without’ items that I refuse to pack until the last few days.  One item I did find as I was cleaning out our pan cabinet was a disposable 8×8 pan with lid.  Normally I do not purchase one-time usage items (we are not members of the disposable society club), since it was green I’m assuming we got this for Christmas to travel to Michigan.  Since I had it though, I wanted to make sure I used it instead of discarding right away.  Genki Husband was okay with my suggestion though seeing as I bribed him with brownies.  Okay, I use the term ‘bribe’ very loosely.

We took off to the store to find the instant cake section.  I can’t even remember the last time I went in this section of the grocery store, normally I frown at people in that aisle but on this occasional I suppose it is okay if I don’t make homemade.  Actually I could not make anything homemade seeing as I gave all of our oils, baking supplies such as flour and sugar, noodles, beans and so on to my brother-in-law a week ago when he visited.  We wanted to make sure the food went to someone that would use them instead of disposing.  (Shipping wasn’t an option.)  So I hung my head low, diverted my eye attention from other shoppers, and bought an instant brownie mix.  It stated it contains no dairy or eggs and was listed as zero cholesterol so hopefully it’s okay.  Did you know if you look at the cholesterol first on a nutritional facts list it is a good indicator if it is vegan or not?  Vegan food does not contain cholesterol – ever!

Being vegan is not hard some just choose to believe it is that way.  It just takes a bit more time to double check the nutritional facts lists- but then again isn’t everyone supposed to do this?

Vegan approved boxed options:
Duncan Hines (pre-packaged frosting & other mixes)
Cherrybrook Kitchen
Dixie Diner’s Club
Dr. Oetker
Nature’s Path
*If you know of any other brands, please comment & let me know so I can add it to the list.  Thanks.
Making brownies from a box:
1 vegan approved box of brownies (or cake)
1 ripe banana (or other vegan egg replacer)
Other ingredients suggested on the box (ours asked for ¼ c oil)

Prepare according to instructions.  For us it meant stirring everything together and pouring into a prepared pan.  Bake at 350F for 30 minutes. 

Final result, totally delicious for a boxed brownie mix!  Sure it was not as good as homemade but when you have no time (or lack kitchen supplies) it is nice to know there is an option.  The banana adds very little flavor so if you do not tell others of the addition, he/she will not notice.  The texture was the same as I remember it from when my mother used to make these types of boxed goodies.  If anything I think the banana adds more moisture and sweetness to the final product than using the eggs.  There you have it, you can purchase a boxed brownie or cake mix even if you are vegan.