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Part 3 of the adventure into my tea cabinet – was it as exciting for you as it was for me?  A person can learn a lot about another person when it comes to what they drink.  For me, I love tea and share it with all of you daily on Instagram since it has a calming effect on my mind and body.  I do suffer from social anxiety so tea is a good option to reduce that stress in my body before going out into the world. Are you a tea drinker? What does tea mean for you?  What is your favorite tea brand?  Flavor?  Combination flavors?

{If you missed them: Part 1 & Part 2}

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Samurai Chai Mate by Teavana is one of those teas that one doesn’t think he/she will enjoy but then ends up loving! I’m not a chai person but love this mate chai. It is slightly spicy but does contain sugar so it’s sweeter than expected but not comparable to ‘southern sweet tea’. I love this hot on very cold winter days. Perfect for warming the body.

Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle by Teavana is another Genki Husband favorite (I don’t drink it). We purchased this in the store after a sampling at the door. We found it needs rock sugar in it to taste just as wonderful as the samples. Good for healthier substitute for days you need a small sweet instead of eating a candy bar. (This is vegetarian- contains dairy)

White Chocolate Peppermint by Teavana (rooibos) came out this year for Christmas. No dairy in this one. It is wonderful tasting but one must put in rock sugar to get a good sweet flavor. We drank this instead of hot cocoa on many days.

Opus Rouge by Teavana is a nice bitter tea that has a flowery aftertaste. This is really good served over ice. Genki Husband found it to be a bit too bitter but I love it – but then again I love lemon tea too. If you are unsure, buy just 2oz first of this one just to make sure…

Jobs Tear Tea is a Korean drink that I like to have on cold mornings- it’s thicker than normal and can be served like a porridge. It has a slight wheat flavor but is convienent when you are in a hurry and have just enough time to make hot water and pour into a to-go mug with one sachet of this tea.

Oolong Tea from China is something that only serious tea lovers will probably appreciate. It is a strong grassy flavor compared to green or black teas. I feel in love with this oolong tea in the summer months living in Japan. It is supposed to be good for the body. I love it cold over ice.

Orange Spice tea by Wagner’s. This is another tea from my mother-in-law that is a bit old. It tastes just as wonderful and I love that it comes in a tin to keep it fresh. This has tiny pieces of dried orange which really makes the tea special. It does not have a spicy flavor though such as a chai.

Madura Tea is a black English style tea that I purchased in Australia. It is 100% Australian! I didn’t know that Australia grew tea but they do since I purchased this in Australia and brought it all the way back to the states. I absolutely love this tea! It is lighter than other English teas such as PG Tips or Red Rose from England but just as good.

So this is my tea collection (minus a few), what does yours look like?  What is your favorite tea?  Or method of making it.  I’d love to know!