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Meet my tea collection right now.

Cranberry Singapore Sling by Teavana. (roobios) Slight zing that is perfect for Fall and Winter seasons – hot!

Imperial Acai Blueberry by Teavana. (White Tea) This is a nice light tea that has a slight hint of blueberry but not overpowering like many other fruit teas. It’s perfect either warm or cold. I favor it cold on a hot summer day.

Sevenberry Sangria by Teavana. (Rooibos) This is quite fruity – hence the name Sangria. I really like this cold on a hot summer day.

Sakura Allure by Teavana. (Green Tea) A new one to my collection but difinitely a keeper! I can’t wait to drink this in Spring during Sakura Season! It has flower blooms that blossom when you steep the tea. Sweet floral scent that reminds me of Japanese spring sweets under the Sakura trees.

Roobios Tropica by Teavana. (Rooibos) This is another fruity tea that satisfies the tastebuds that savor fruit in the summer. I really like this one cold on a hot summer day but have had it a few times hot. It fills my sweet tooth when I’m craving fruit but have none in the house.

Earl Grey by Teavana. (Black Tea) This is a wonderful black tea option that I find myself craving over coffee some mornings. I love making British style tea and this one is strong enough to make double the strength and add a little almond milk without watering down. It is also an amazing strong ‘manly’ tea.

My favorite Japanese tea from Japan. It has natural grains and green tea leaves. It’s a strong green tea that is amazing cold or hot. For those of you that perfer American-style light green tea, this may not be your kind of tea. It has a very strong ‘grassy’, ‘grainy’ flavor that is unlike American green teas.

These are a few close-ups of the loose leaf teas.  I’m going to add a few more for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.  For now though, what is your favorite tea?  I’d love to see a photo and know yours too.  You can send me an email (see contact page), on pinterest, facebook or Instagram.