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We’re moving!  Yep, it’s been only 18 months since we moved from Ohio to Virginia but now we are moving once again.  This will be the last move, hopefully, for a very long time (at least until we buy our house in one-year).  So without further ado, I’m sure you guys are really excited to hear, we’re moving to California.  Hello warm weather, we are coming your way.

So, lately I have been rather busy and totally stressed out from setting everything up with movers and finding a rental that’s made just for us.  Who knew packing was the easiest part of a move?  Seriously finding movers that are not only available but are reasonably priced is a difficult if not nearly impossible.  And don’t get me started on finding reasonably priced rentals that actually have a kitchen instead of a “wet bar” with a stove.  No luck just yet but we are continuing on with lots of prayers.  If you have them we will take your prayers too.

For now, we are continuing on and I’m attempting to get a few posts out for the next three weeks we have until our large drive across the United State of America.  If you have any suggestions on movers we are accepting all and any advice we can receive, thanks.