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Woke up to this view… Southeast Snow Storm 2014.

We tried to take furry baby out but she wanted nothing to do with the snow. She doesn’t like her paws wet so snow is really out of the question -even after shoveling a path.

We decided to ignore the snow and make a large breakfast. These Are PPK Puffy Pillow Pancakes with added cinnamon and ground cloves. Everything is closed down so no work.

Then I found some apples and decided to make caramelized apples for the top of the pancakes.

Anyone want to visit us? Make sure to wear 12″ or higher boots since these are the stairs to our door.

Yep, we had the perfect snow for making snow-people. (sorry, weird crop since I wanted to mask the front of our house for safety purposes.)

Snow is just everywhere! It took us about 4-5 hours to completely shovel driveway.

As we were coming in and our of the house to shovel, I make this Finnish Rye Bread.

A closeup of the Finnish Rye Bread because, well, who doesn’t want to see it. Yum!

We also decided to make some homemade bagels. They were a bit off today but still taste good. The house smells amazing! If only we weren’t so tired from shoveling snow to enjoy it.

Did any of you get the snow too?