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Oh it’s been a few days and I have to admit I really missed blogging and sharing everything with you guys.  It’s been very crazy but as stated in Weekend Recap Part 1, we have been very busy and it is so time consuming I’ve been beside myself trying to get everything accomplished without losing my mind.  As a Sagittarius, naturally I am a Type A person that loves organization and planning so this last week started me into overdrive which is good but bad all at the same time.  More news coming soon. But here are the rest of the photos from this past few days of missing you guys.  Enjoy!

Hello Sunshine starting to make it’s appearance on this side of the globe. Love the purple hues. God’s art work is always impressive.

Driving the Virginia roads in the morning sunlight in winter… to get groceries and other misc shopping items.

Of course we had to stop here for breakfast one morning… Always love seeing what’s been drawn on the menu at Hyperion Coffee in Fredericksburg, VA. They do the best job! (sorry bad photo)

Hyperion Coffee in Fredericksburg, VA – decorated for Valentines’ Day. I’m not into V-day but I do love coffee so hearts on coffee is just up my alley.

Genki Husband handing me coffee – he knows how to steal my heart. ^_^ Sorry, their coffee doesn’t always come with this service… hehe

Hyperion Breakfast Options- not sure what is 100% vegan and what is not. Nothing is labeled with allergens.. 😦 Bakery items are brought in every morning so the staff do not know contents.

Maple Syrup Almond Milk Latte from last weekend (forgot to share). It’s from Lamplighter Coffee in Richmond, VA.

Grocery Haul for one week. We are mainly having a lot of beans & veggies from fridge so we didn’t purchase much of anything else. 2/1/14

Starbucks has a lemonade/green tea drink that is wonderful on warm days. You can order with or without syrups. So good I almost forgot to share the photo – this was without syrup so it is lighter in color than normal.

Coming out from our gym, this is the view we received for the hard work done. Love seeing the sun set and rise – it really makes the day special.