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Some weekends are just blah… right?  Genki Husband and I are very excited about something new happening in our lives (no mini me’s), which took up most of our weekend energy and time.  We will be making an announcement in the next few days, so stay tuned.  But… on to this weekend!  It’s been a few days since I lasted posted so I decided I’d do a photo haul of these missed days.  Mainly food porn just to keep you hungry…  I know I have a cruel side.  Ha-ha (I’d try an evil laugh but Genki Husband says it’s not scary, just cute…)

Vegan Dinner: Salad with Appetite for Reduction Salad Dressing Recipe, Boca Spicy Chickenless Patty with broccoli and tomato sauce, oranges with pineapple, and finally cucumber dipped in hummus. This was my serving (G.H. had pasta) along with the 2 side dishes.

Loaded Wheat Berry Breakfast Bowl: Cooked Wheat Berries, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Banana Slices, Pureed Pumpkin, Mixed Nuts, & 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter.

Just in case you haven’t seen this before, these are ‘wheat berries’. Sometimes the stores like to call ‘winter berries’. We purchase this at Whole Foods in the bin section for less than a few $ per lb. Very reasonable!

Appetite for Reduction Pasta e Fagioli with Spinach Dinner- looks a bit odd but the taste is savory at the same time. It’s very filling!

Wheatena made with maple syrup and unsweetened almond milk. Side of homemade blueberry muffins with a crumble topping. Genki Husband ate most of this for one breakfast! Who says vegans don’t eat? haha

Morning Quinoa from below Pinterest Photo Recipe.

Morning Quinoa – make ahead photo (use maple syrup instead of honey if you prefer)

Easy Vegetable Soup: Frozen mixed veggies, sliced Brussels Sprouts and some vegan vegetable broth. (pasta optional) Mine had Japanese White Fungus. Lunch- done!

Trader Joe’s Thai Dumplings (vegan) steamed and ready to be placed in some steamy hot vegan broth. Steaming is healthier but you can also pan fry to bake these too. Perfect Dinner for Busy People!

Said soup – Chickenless vegan broth with dumplings and some sliced onion. Add a side salad and some oranges and you have yourself a nice dinner. Mmmm (Note: TJ’s Thai Dumplings were okay but a bit bland.)

Vegan TCBY Fro-Yo to-go! Yep, that’s vegan chocolate fro-yo with a vegan mint chocolate piece at home. Mmmm (Note: So good – must go if you haven’t already!)

Vegan Chocolate Candy Bar – Jokerz. Like a Snickers bar only dairy-free and vegan. (Note: if you don’t like Snickers like us, you probably will not appreciate this…lesson learned)

What would you like to see on Genki Kitty in the future?

Leave your suggestions below…