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Yep Free Workout Tuesday is back!  It may be a day late but I’m sure as long as you have the goods, no one will be hurt.  Right?  So this week I wanted to share an app that I am really enjoying right now called PopSugar.  This is a 100% free app.  It contains free workout videos and free plans (such as elliptical).

Once you have downloaded the app, simply go to the main page for a few of the featured workouts.  These generally do change every few days or so – I haven’t seen a complete schedule of change but on occasion is does happen.  At the bottom of the app main page, there are 4 tabs: featured, workouts, activity, & my routines.  (Featured is what you have already seen.) Workout tab is a set of 4 categories to choose from for your daily workout.  These are strength training, running, yoga and cardio.  Click on one of these and a ton of more workout videos are available for usage anytime and anywhere you want them.  So convenient!  Things that are organized excite me, what can I say I’m a Type A personality.  Ha-ha. The Activity tab contains all the workouts you have actually completed.  Now you can cheat here by just watching a little of each workout but really how is this going to help anyone.  It’s a nice feature for those of you (ahem, me) that does a workout, loves it and then forgets what it was called and where it was located.  This does the work for you.

Finally the last tab is ‘my routine’.  This is another great feature for those of you that love organization.  Or maybe for those of you that need organization in your life?   If you use any of the other function, this is the one that will really help you out.  It has basic routine categories already setup in the tab such as ‘morning home workout’, ‘running, core, and cool down’, and/or ‘yoga to unwind’.  There is also a function similar to the appearance of a pin on Pinterest (which you know I have an addiction) where you can personally name a category and save it.  Then simply save the videos that you enjoy per category.  Then, for instance, such as under the morning routine tab, once clicked on, all of your workout videos will come up so you can easily go through your routine without any searching at all.  At all!

So as you can tell I love the organization side of this app.  Not only can you view the videos and plans online through the app but you can also save each one on your ipad!  So say you are on a vacation or at the gym and what to get sweating, it’s right there on your ipad.  Which if you are like me, I don’t leave home without it most of the time.  I’m just loving the videos and setting up my own routines on this app and wanted to share it with you all.

I’ve shared my favorite inspiring app, what’s yours at the moment?  Leave a comment and share with everyone.