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This weekend Genki Husband and I took a trip down south to the capital of Virginia, Richmond.  It’s a large city but not as intimidating as most of the others around America.  Actually if you have a GPS, it is rather easy to get around without any issues.  Our main goal was actually a bit sad to confess but it was to get TCBY vegan Almond Milk Fro-yo (the taste is the same as ice cream).  But hey, we used the excuse we wanted to purchase some groceries from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s which is not near our house, so that helps out justifying it right?  ^_^

Last week’s grocery haul – can you tell we are all about protein this week?  And bananas!

Since our ‘purpose’ was to get groceries, might as well show you what we purchased.

Fresca on Addison in Richmond, VA is someplace we always go when there for it has vegan food. This is the inside.

The menu – it’s all vegetarian but most can be made vegan.

My vegan pizza: broccoli and cauliflower. A bit too salty but it was tasty with a large glass of water. Its a personal size pizza, I ate 3/4 of this pizza and share 2 slices with Genki Husband.

Then of course we hit up TCBY for some tasty vegan almond milk fro-yo (yea, just call it ice cream). So tasty! We love it! We also bought a pint to take home too of the ‘chocolate’ and we were given a small lunch bag that was thermal. So nice of them! Thank you TCBY! (see grocery haul for blue bag)

Bass Pro Shop – bet we were the only vegans in the entire place! I asked Genki Husband if they were going to kick us out if they found out. ha-ha Fun place, just wish the dead animals were stuffed in it.

Bass Pro Shop inside. This was from second floor and it was only about 1/4 of the entire place!

Bass Pro Shop has an entire restaurant inside too.

Bass Pro Shop was a good experience but not really caring for the taxidermy that was all throughout the entire place. I’m praying these guys were fake.

As the cold winter sky split, we drove home.