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“Mind doesn’t dominate body, it becomes body- body and mind is one.” Dr. Pert in Molecules of Motion

For a few weeks now, I have been struggling with my back.  The pain has been causing some great strain on my backbone and the nerves associated with it so my workouts have been relaxed.  To be totally truthful, I have missed a few which at the start really bothered me.  In college I had an issue with an addiction to exercise- to the point it was an obligatory exercise addiction.  (This is called Compulsive Exercising , Sports Anorexia, Hypergymnasia, and/or Anorexia Athletica.)  Thankfully I grew to love myself and learn the limits of exercise and calorie restriction for my body back then.  But, this new back pain stirred up some mental hiccups though- as it is never 100% cured.

So what is this exercise addiction?  It’s not as widely talked about such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa but it is still a major issue with teens today.  There is a lot of talk spread across the news of obesity but the other half of the problem is not as openly shared and should be given the light to cure those suffering (both male and female).  To put it basic, this exercise addiction is when a person has to daily exercise for long periods of time to burn off the calories ingested (or such as in my case, burn more than eaten).  Secondly, calories are restricted to increase the possibility of losing weight.  This addiction can be damaging to the body maybe not currently but in the future such as bone loss, brain damage, and intestinal damage.

Today I wanted to write about this addiction to share and spread information of this overpowering addiction.  In early stages, such as my case a few years back, one can start to build confidence and come out of this addiction.  It will constantly be at the back of ones’ mind but it can be overcome.  After this early stage, it can be very difficult to overcome alone and will need professional assistance.  This is not your fault, it is an addiction.

In my case, I have been working through negative thoughts of needing to exercise to be healthy even through my back pain.  Thankfully I can calm myself through reading, crocheting, photography, maybe an unhealthy amount of instagraming, possibly equally unhealthy amounts of pinterest’ing, meditation and long steamy hot baths.  Sometimes your body tells you it needs a break and you must listen to it.  In the long run, I know this short break for my back to heal thanks to my doctor and medication doing its hardest, I know soon my workouts will continue to increase with intensity.  My thoughts for exercise now are for health and happiness, not for the need of compulsive exercise to reduce weight.

If you feel as though you suffer from Compulsive Exercising , Sports Anorexia, and Hypergymnasia, and/or Anorexia Athletica, please consult someone to assist you.  See the links below for more information please today.  You are worth it!

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