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Gorgeous pup walk view…  bright blue skies in VA, USA.

Are you getting photo overload just yet?  Here is the 4th installment, I think I’m done – unless I find more hiding someplace. Oops.  Maybe I will do this more often if you guys like it better than all my crazy babble. ^_^

Appetite for Reduction Cookbook’s Glamour Clam Chowder (finally purchased the e-book)- Doesn’t appear to be the same as what I think of chowder but it was a nice vegetable stew.

Ironic isn’t it?  We purchase his and her weight lifting gloves to reduce calluses and then I have back issues again. ha-ha  We bought these from Target and seem to really do the trick.

Photo Sneak – Genki Furry Baby just can’t stay out of the camera…  taking photo of the 17 skeins of yard for a project I’m crocheting and this is what happened.  Cute!

Yep, your eyes are working correctly!  We BBQ’ed in January!  Beets, vegan hot dogs, & vegan sausages.  Mmmm  Makes a happy Genki Husband!

Genki Kitty as we sat outside BBQ’ing.  She’s an indoor cat but she goes outside with a fence and us.

Um, Genki Kitty 2 seconds later…  The life of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – don’t even mention sitting on the ground.  Unless it was me…  which I was.. ha-haAppetite for Reduction Cookbook’s Sushi Roll Edamame Salad. Pretty good but make sure to add both dressing calories together – it gets a bit high.

Vegan Grocery Haul – we are trying to clear out some things in our pantry so this is what a 1/2 week of weird things look like for us.
Another week of groceries – we really hit the protein Vega section & bins at Whole Foods Market.  We also did a little stocking up.

Sun rising on a cold winter morning.  Thank you inspirational Mother Nature