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Last night I mentioned to Genki Husband the drastic decline of people at the gym.  It’s still super filled but unlike last week, there were a few machines left to work out on – hooray!!!  As for us, we are still going to the gym just as normal and working around the jammed gym.  This time of the year is a bit funny for us gym bunnies since we take votes on who will and who will not last.  Normally the serious more determined faced people will make it and then there are the social goers that have most likely already ended their routine. So today I want to encourage all of you taking your health seriously and pump you up with tons of encouragement.  There will be up and downs every week (sometimes each workout) so don’t worry if you have a bad day, tomorrow will be better.  Whether at home or at the gym we can all do this together!

Remember weight loss happens to those that eat health, practice healthy portion control and engage in proper amounts of exercise.  Too much of anything never helps and not enough of one of these will only hinder you down the road.  I pray for all of you to have health and happiness not only now but in the future years to come.  You can do this, you just have to start believing in yourself and loving yourself!