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Nutrition is about 90% the reason people are unhealthy around the world.  It is something adults fight with daily and pass down to younger generations in every culture.  My dear friend in Cleveland has worried every second of her daughters’ life if she is feeding her the proper nutrition for not only growing healthy but also learning for the future.  The love for her daughter is directly in the right place, especially considering many children are not getting the proper balanced nutrition.  In our society today, many children are learning of anorexia and obesity on a daily basis but no one is speaking to parents on how to feed their loved ones daily.

Mass marketing can blind parents in seeing proper nutrition for the mere purpose of increased sales.  Parents rejoice though, I found there is a free course online that covers 5 weeks in teaching parents proper nutrition with the main objective being the children.  Personally I have never taken this course but apparently it is given once a year for free by Stanford University.  (Link Below)  The course requires you to have a clear mind, basic cooking equipment and 2-4 hours for studying a week.  It sounds more than reasonable considering nutrition is your child’s future.

Today I signed up for this course and I hope we can learn together!  Leave me a comment or send me an email and we can work together on coursework. 

Free Online Stanford University Course: Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0

I couldn’t say it any better!