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This morning I woke up with a cold, a take some medicine and go back to bed cold.  I’m not much for medicine; in fact, our medicine container has basically just Band-Aids, sore muscle recovery lotion and some tea tree oil.  Since turning healthy and vegan, we generally do not get sick so we tend to skip the pharmaceutical aisle in the grocery stores.  Today though I felt pretty awful and lacking in functioning power so I chose to take half a natural medicine tablet which then proceeded to ‘knock’ me out for ½ a day.  Now it’s a short bit before our normal workout time and I’m considering going or not going.

Depending on the severity of your illness, one can go to the gym while sick. If you are really ill, please do not go to the gym and spread germs.  There’s nothing worse than sweating it out alongside a coughing person wiping his/her nose and grabbing all the machines.  I’ve been under the weather though and gone to the gym – I wasn’t contagious though.  Sometimes it helps to sweat out the bad to get over the sickness faster… it clears out the system.

Before you go, remember these few tips to make your workout successful (& to not annoy all the others).

1.  Use a cough drop before going to the gym – it clears the nasal passage.  (Finish before you get on the machines though please, it is a choking hazard.)

2.  Hand sanitizer after each machine – it stops the spread of any germs.

3.  Use Sanitizer Wipes on the machines – it does not really assist you but it reassures the others around you that you are taking their health seriously too.  I’d want someone to do this for me.

4.  Wear multiple layers of clothes – this helps with heat and cold flashes.  It also helps fight against crazy fluctuations with AC units.  Strip or put layers back on as needed.

5.  Take it easy – your body is working hard to fight the cold so be careful and not overdo it.  Take it a bit easier than normal just to make sure your health is first.

6.  Listen to your body – don’t continue if you don’t feel good after 15-20 minutes.  Your body will tell you if the workout is going to be of help or hindrance.

7.  Drink lots of water – dehydration occurs more with a cold so while working out you are reducing the bodies’ hydration level by double.  It might even be a good idea to take a electrolyte enriched drink such as coconut water.

So now that I’m feeling better I’m stocking up my gym bag and getting off to the gym with Genki Husband.  Cheers to all of you for keeping up with your New Years Resolutions and/or living the healthy lifestyle.  Love yourself and your body will love you.