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As every year, losing weight or getting into shape is on the top of many resolution lists.  Although I’m slowly changing my opinion about this transaction, I am all for anyone trying to make themselves better for health, both physical and mental.  It’s Tuesday so I wanted to make sure I gave all of you some new workout plans that are free and ready to start up this 2014.

1.  Tone It Up:  Yep, the girls not only have their own show now but they are continuing with their workout plan challenges that are free to the public.  (They also have a meal plan but I have never paid to test it out so I can’t give my opinion.)  While I did do a previous challenge in the summer months, I didn’t really see that much of a result.  BUT, these two are really encouraging and give a positive message of health through the eyes of eating properly and exercising which really touches my heart.  I found I wanted to do their free online workouts everyday because they are upbeat and are nice to get the blood moving.  If you are a beginner, I believe this is a wonderful method of getting active and teaching your body how to workout and love it.  If you are more advanced, I’d suggest these workouts as a warm-up or maybe for those off gym days.

2.  Body Building Website: Personally I have used Jamie Eason’s body building workouts on a few different occasions.  We loved using it before we left for Australia but then got out of it once there.  It is a wonderful way to learn about working out different parts of the body daily and videos that correspond with each exercise.  It is great for people that have purchased that gym membership but just aren’t sure what to do while inside the gym.

3.  Inspire Women Fitness Blog: This is a new site for me but I really do like the setup for the 5 week plan for workouts.  Each day there is another body part to work on and the exact reps one needs to complete each task.  Again, if you are new to working out, I believe this is a wonderful plan to set your mind into place to start a lifelong practice of working out and eating right.  The workouts are laid out per week and it can easily be printed off.

4.  Sparkpeople:  I can not tell you enough how much I love this website, it is life changing to say the least.  One of my friends just mentioned that she found it to be the best website for losing weight and learning about health thanks to my suggestion.  It’s a free community of anyone and everyone around the world working towards the same thing you are right now, getting healthy.  There are teams that you can join which work towards specific health ailments or just common interests such as crocheters.  It’s a great place to get positive feedback daily, track your progress, track your food intake and so much more.  Additionally, there are ongoing challenges and other videos to help you with learning how to workout.  If you don’t know where to start, you can simple click one button and the website will tell you what to do daily and give you meal plans until you feel comfortable to do it yourself.  It’s so easy!  They also have a few free apps for on the go!

5.  FitClick Website:  I’ve never personally used this site either but I have seen it has some great options for workout plans that are free.  There is a wide range of plans and the thing I like about it is it has different levels.  It’s hard to find websites that do plans for more advanced people so take advantage of this site today.

6. Prêt-à-Yoga Lite Free App on iTunes:  Yoga for beginners can start here – or anywhere since it’s a free app for your apple devices.  It is free to use and has great instructions on how to do each pose and even has soothing music.  I’m a huge believer of doing yoga on non-gym days since it really works the stomach and heals the mind.  I find when I do yoga my entire body feels limber and my attitude is less ‘charged’.

7.  Lose It! Free App on iTunes:  This is similar to Sparkpeople but is a basic app for your iphone or ipad that allows the user to track food intake and also exercise.  It is a simplified version of Sparkpeople for those of you that want something a bit less involved.  Your comfortably is what is important.

8.  Pinterest Website:  Everyone of you should know I love Pinterest for finding recipes but were you aware there are some great free workouts on it? The website has a good amount of plans posted in the form of a photo.  The plan can be as easy as learning how to do more crunches in a month, reducing treadmill boredom plans and so on.  If you check out my page I have a ton of different plans just waiting for you.

Comment Section:  Let me know what your favorite workout site or app is and maybe I’ll place it in next Tuesdays’ free workout article.