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A local radio station this morning started off with stating “today is the today every year that people fear the most”.  If your guess was because work/school starts up you are exactly correct.  In my opinion, I love this day every year since it’s a new beginning of the year – one full of possibilities.  This last weekend Genki Husband and I made an honest effort to relax and enjoy our free time while it lasted.  We read through about a hundred magazines that have been sitting around unread, cleaned out our pantry, replenished the pantry ‘empty’s’ and so on.  So as we start this work week we are totally mind and spirit into getting started on a positive note.

Friday:  Even though technically we did go back to work on Thursday, it was simply just to get things organized for this upcoming week.  Nothing strenuous…  It was another free Friday from work but the roads were dangerous to be out on since it was a black sheet of ice.  So, we stayed at home the entire morning until we left to go to the gym for a workout.

Breakfast:  Big breakfast of mushrooms, tomato, tofu scramble with steamed kale, 2 slices Ezekiel bread & vegemite.

Lunch: Leftover Tempeh Helper and a clementine.

Snack: A few Crackers – forgot to take photo; 1 bite of this vegan candy bar (husband ate the rest – not my favorite); a few starbursts.

Dinner: We were tired from lack of sleep so we had a fast dinner. Steamed Broccoli and Gardein Chickenless strips from Wegman’s Grocery Store. I like mine with hot sauce and a sprinkle of vegan mayo.

Gym Workout: 30 minutes Weight Lifting with machines and free-weights & 30 minutes elliptical machine going forward and backward.  Gorgeous sunset as we were driving home.

Snack: We were still hungry later in the night since we didn’t eat much at dinner after our workout. So we had homemade popcorn (fresh kernels) and 3 squares each of Ikea Dark Chocolate which is vegan! No photo….

Saturday:  Grocery Shopping Day in D.C. and Loving Hut Restaurant Adventure

Breakfast: Leftover tofu scramble with steamed kale and an English muffin with Earth Balance on one slice only.

Lunch: We order two entrees to share and we end up taking 1/2 home normally. I order the Vietnamese Pho with mock fish and DH orders Crispy Chickenless Sandwich with the most amazing french fries. I eat a portion of the Pho (DH eats mock fish) and I take 1/4-1/2 of the sandwich. Husband actually eats most of the meals but that’s okay with me because it’s a lot of food. Then we took the pho home for another meal.

Snack: Traffic for about 1-1/2 hours in D.C because of holiday people… Ate some sesame sticks (oh how they are irresistible Natalie) in the car along with sharing a Thai Coffee with DH (vegan).

Exercise: Gym workout since it was rainy and cold. We did 30 minutes with weight lifting and 20 minutes fartlek training on the treadmill. I’m back to 8:30min speed at highest but can’t do it outside because of the hilly terrain.  Another gorgeous Sunset with the Waxing Moon!

Dinner: Leftover night since it was hard to get all of our leftovers and new purchases in it. We fill the baby up! Leftover Tempeh Helper, Pho, Gardein chickenless tenders, salad with some southern ‘caviar’ on top and a little hot sauce/vegan mayo mixture. Delicious!

Snack: No Photo but we had some homemade popcorn with a little oil spray and sea salt and 3 pieces of dark IKEA chocolate each. We do this on the weekends only when we have a good workout since I’m hypoglycemic.

Sunday:  Boring day at home day- sometimes it’s nice that way

Cold Nose?

Breakfast: 1/2 Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffin, 1 clementine & 1 bowl of McCann’s Irish Steel Cut Oats with a little brown sugar.

Lunch: 1/2 Leftover Crispy Chickenless Burger and a few fries from Loving Hut yesterday, organic mixed green salad with hot sauce on top and 3 cherry tomatoes & of course another clementine.

Gym Workout: (no photo) 30 minutes weight lifting & 30 minutes elliptical (5.1 miles). When we got out of the gym it was warming up and the fog was pretty dense. After Workout Protein Smoothie: Leftover Coffee, unsweetened almond milk, and a tiny bit of raw protein powder which we finished off tonight.

Dinner: The most amazing mushroom soup, Brussels sprouts with Kale and Coconut Balsamic Vinegar, 1/2 Whole Foods pretzel roll and 1 clementine.

Snack: Vanilla Chamomile Honey Hot Tea. (contains no honey)

How was your weekend?

*Please Note: I generally do not blog on the weekends because I like to have the time free with my family.  So this is a general overview of my weekend.