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Back to Australia!  There are so many things I wish to share with all of you that it is hard to share just a few photos of everything.  One thing I wanted to make sure I posted was the fun times we had at the Royal Australia Mint (Royal as in the Queen of England).  It is a free museum for anyone to visit and has a lot of examples of coins used and wrongly produced, the history of Australian currency and a small factory where specialty coins are made such as the Olympic medals!  If you are making a trip to Canberra, I would wish that each and every one of you get to visit not only the Rainbow Dreams restaurant but also the Royal Australian Mint.

Outside the Royal Australian Mint- it’s a free museum that is well worth the extra time in Canberra, Australia.

Outside the Royal Australian Mint Museum in Canberra, Australia.

Large replica of the AU $1. My uncle has some of these from when he was serving in the war and the coins are the same.

AU Bills – they have been created so that they can not tear or get ruined when surfers get them wet in the water!

Official Sydney 2000 Olympic Medals were made in this factory!

So after Canberra we drove once again up to Sydney for a few days of touring around the metropolitan.  Now when you think of a metropolitan area such as Tokyo or New York City, one might think of all the people, the noise, and the smell and of course the homeless.  Well, do not fear because Sydney is really none of these things.  If I were to ever move to Sydney (I’ll take any offers), I would love to live in the big city.  So as you can expect there are many things we found interesting just touring around the city.  Here are a few of them for today’s viewing pleasure:

Genki Kitty and Genki Husband at “The Chemist”. There are no pharmacies in Australia but Chemists and yes they do close down at around 5pm!

Australian malls have fresh fruit and vegetables being sold right down the center like a farmers’ market only it’s permanent!

Our first official meal in Australia was from Loving Hut in Bankstown (suburb). It is heavily Thai food centered but is not bad. I love Thai food but this was a bit bland even for Genki Husband.

Our hotel room in Wentworthville. This is the IBIS hotel.

Similar to Asian toilets, this is the toilet in our hotel room that was also a shower. Hint: Don’t take your clothes into this room while showering, everything gets wet!

The machine to purchase our train ticket to downtown Sydney from our hotel. Warning: If you take the early trains the price is about triple!

This is similar to the Dollar Store here in the states and the yen shops in Japan. Note: To protect everyone’s privacy, I have blurred faces.